Friday, 12 December 2014

Good Taste Cafe @ Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya

Tropican City Mall is a place where there are a lot of good eateries. I have blogged about a number of them in the past. Today, we were here for a movie and wanted to get a quick dinner. This Good Taste Cafe is located quite close to GSC, on the 2nd Floor and they seemed to be churning out some quick dishes and so we decided to give this place a try. 

Located Close To GSC

A Simple Cafe

A Simple Cafe

A Simple Cafe
This cafe occupies just a small place and at anytime, can perhaps accommodate not more than 20 people. This cafe is manned by a Mom and daughter team and they seem to be doing a good job in serving swiftly. 

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

Our Bill
The Menu has a limited offerings but it is quite sufficient if you are looking just to have a quick dinner. The prices too are quite reasonable. The menu is placed at the counter and there is only one of it and all ordering is done here. Just choose your items, pay for them and then head back to your table. The items would then be sent over to you. I requested to the girl to assist in expediting the dishes and she did pretty much that. In less than 5 minutes, we were already served.

Bird Eye Chili and Chili Paste At The Tables

Coca Cola @ RM 3.00
We just ordered one drink which we shared between us. The Coca Cola is priced at RM 3.00 which is an accepted slight premium for a mall. 

Plain Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 3.50

Plain Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 3.50
They have two varieties of Chee Cheong Fun here, the plain one and the Teluk Intan one but unfortunately, the latter was already sold out and so my brother had to settle for the plain type. The portion was decent for the price. There were no other add on's like Fuchok or Tofu to this dish but there must at least be three long rolls and this was served with the sweet sauce. The taste was good and I would rate this at 8/10 .

Bitter Gourd Noodle Soup @ RM 7.90

Fresh Vegetables and Topped with Fried Onions

Fish Paste (Yee Huat)

Tomato's, Mushrooms and Sliced Bitter Gourd
The Soup came with Rice Noodles, vegetables, sliced Bitter Gourd, Tomato's, diced Mushrooms and Yee Huat. The preparation was nice and they were lavish with the add on's. The soup itself was quite good and that complimented the rest of the items nicely. Definitely a good bowl of Bitter Gourd Noodles. I would rate this dish at 8.5/10 . 

This place definitely served some good food and is suitable if you are looking for a quick no frills meal. I must compliment the girl too as she served us really quick as requested. Definitely a place that I would visit again.

Address: Lot 2-09, Second Floor, Tropicana City Mall, 
                No. 3, Jalan SS 20/27, Damansara Jaya, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

Telephone: +603 7722 4266 

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