Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sharmila Curry House @ Klang, Selangor

This evening, we were in Klang settling some errands and once we were done, we decided on having some tea. As you all know, Klang is home to so many good Tamil restaurants specifically in the Litrtle India area which is the very same vicinity that we were in. If I was going for a full meal, I would have headed to another restaurant which I am more familiar with but since it is just tea time snacks, we decided on this restaurant which is located along Jalan Pulasan which is just off Jalan Tengku Kelana. This restaurant is located directly opposite the Gayathri Cash and Carry outlet. 

Sharmila Curry House in Klang

Interior Of The Restaurant

Interior Of The Restaurant

Interior Of The Restaurant
Unlike the standard restaurant which comes in limited sizes, this restaurant has a huge seating area as it is built on a Lot of land. At 6 pm, there were still a number of customers and most of them seemed to be having items like Dosa and Fried Noodles. 

Cakes & Curries

Cakes & Curries
Just like other restaurants here in Klang, this restaurant too has separated their vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. At this hour, it seemed that many of their dishes were already sold out. That is a good indication that lunch hour business is good here. We just wanted to have some cakes and were looking out for a waiter to attend to us. They are definitely short handed and after numerous times calling, finally a Burmese guy attended to us. We then picked our food items and returned to our table. For those smokers, do note that this is a non smoking restaurant.

Teh O @ RM 1.00

Teh Tarik @ RM 1.20
Both drinks were served hot and they were good. Mildly sweetened, just the way I like it. I would rate their drinks at 8.8/10 .

Our Choice Of Cakes
We decided on having 2 Paruppu Vadai's, 3 Kuzhi Paniyaram and one Banana Bajji. I shall rate each of them individually.

Kuzhi Paniyaram, @ 3 for RM 1.00
Their Kuzhi Paniyaram was nice. It was nowhere close to what I had in Madurai yet for Malaysian standards, it was nice. A major difference between this one and the one that I had in Madurai, India was the softness. This was a little hard here. Nevertheless, it was nice. I would rate this at 7.5/10 .

Vazhakkai Bajji @ RM 1.00 each
The Vazhakkai Bajji was decent but it was overly greasy. It was so greasy that after holding it, you would need to wash your hands with soap twice to get rid of the oil. This greasiness killed the taste a little as with every bite, you get the oil aftertaste. I would only rate this at 6/10 .

Paruppu Vadai @ RM 0.80 each
Their Paruppu Vadai was horrendous. It was hard as a rock and pretty much tasteless. Definitely a big NO for me and I regret having taken two of this. I would only rate this at 3/10 .

Me At The Restaurant

Bill For The Meal
I am not sure how their lunch items would be but the tea time snacks were generally disappointing. Their drinks however was nice. Pricing seemed decent but be careful and double check the bill as the lady boss almost double charged us. It is not her fault but a system fault as the waiters do not record what the customers take and she just listens to the customers before writing out the bill as you stand at the cashier. The cashier counter is built on a higher pedestal and therefore she could mishear what you are saying and thus the billing error. So to avoid any confusion, best to double check. Would I return, maybe but not for their tea time snacks. Perhaps for lunch.

Address: Lot PT 296 & 297, Jalan Pulasan, 41000 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 2000 Daily

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