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Kafetaria Hospital Selayang @ Selayang, Selangor

Well, yes you read it right. This entry is about the Cafeteria that is located in Selayang Hospital. I happened to be here today on some work and since it was lunch hours, decided to give this cafeteria a try. This cafeteria is located on the Ground Floor of the main building which is attached to the basement car park. This cafeteria is open daily from 10 am till 7 pm and is managed by an external caterer who won the bid via a public tender. 

Entrance To The Cafeteria

Mostly Packed During The Day

Seating Space

Only For Staffs
The place is mostly packed during the day right up to about 3 pm and it is very difficult to find a table that is free. There is also a small outdoor seating area which is quite messy. For hospital staffs, there is a private dining room.

Soups and Curry Stall

Rojak Stall

Yong Tau Fu Stall

Chicken Rice Stall

Chicken Chop Stall

Mixed Rice Stall

Mixed Rice Stall

Mixed Rice Stall


Generally most of the food here are Malay cuisines with one or two Western dishes. The prices are controlled by the hospital administration and they have to be healthy preparations therefore usage of coconut milk etc is not allowed. The spread is decent, after all it is a hospital and not a restaurant and is good to feed the hungry tummy. One has to queue up at the desired food counter and then walk over to the cashier to pay for the food items. Pretty much a typical canteen style. I must say that all the staffs running this cafeteria are quite efficient in handling crowd and they were very fast with their work.

Drinks Station

Drinks Station
Directly opposite the cashier counter is the drinks station where one picks their drinks which are made upon request and then paid for at the cashier.

Coffee @ RM 1.20

Nescafe @ RM 1.40
The prices seemed very reasonable when compared to market prices out there. Both the Coffee and Nescafe were good but I still found it to be a tad too sweet for me. Maybe that's the general preference. I would rate their drinks at 7/10 .

Asam Laksa @ RM 3.00

Asam Laksa @ RM 3.00

Asam Laksa @ RM 3.00
Their Asam Laksa was good and very reasonably priced at RM 3.00 per bowl. For the price, I was impressed to see the amount of ingredients used in the dish. There was so much fish and the other ingredients too were lavish. Taste was good too and I would rate this dish at 8.8/10 .

Rojak @ RM 3.00

Rojak @ RM 3.00
The Rojak too was priced at RM 3.00 only. The Peanut Sauce was spicy and nice but the other ingredients like Tofu, Potato's etc were a little too hard and dry. It would have been better if the items were softer as it did hurt when you try to chew them. I would rate this at 5/10 only. 

Chicken Curry Mee @ RM 3.00

Chicken Curry Mee @ RM 3.00
Their Chicken Curry Mee was very good! The Curry was thick and delicious and the ingredients added were simply lavish. An excellent preparation and I would not mind coming back here to have their Curry Mee. Highly recommended! I would rate this at 9/10 .

The prices here are very reasonable and from what I tried this afternoon, the Asam Laksa was good and the Curry Mee was awesome. I also read a lot of positive reviews on Foursquare praising their Chicken Chop. Perhaps should try that the next time I am here. Sad that dinner is not served. Would be great if they continued their operation hours to around 9 pm as that would solve the dinner problem too for visitors and patient's family members alike. As of now, they are mostly sold out by around 6.30 pm and officially closed at 7 pm .

Address: Cafeteria Hospital Selayang, Ground Floor, Wards Building, 
                Lebuhraya Selayang - Kepong, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 1999 Daily

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