Monday, 1 June 2015

Gerai Kak Nab @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

It's Monday and when everyone is busy thinking of work, I kick start my day by trying out another Nasi Lemak place. Do I sound too Malaysian? Ha ha . Coming back to this place. Gerai Kak Nab is located inside the Medan Selera which is located right opposite the Police Station in Tanjung Malim. This is not a new stall. It has been around for ages but it's just that every time I come here, I end up going to Gerai Haji Din or Juita. I always used to see some decent crowd here but never got to try the place. Today, I am here with specific intent on trying out Gerai Kak Nab.

Stall No. 2 in the Medan Selera

The Medan Selera

Quite A Number Of Customers At This Stall
It's 9.30 am on a Monday morning and the place did have a decent crowd. This stall is located at Stall No. 2 in the food court. Parking was not a problem as there were ample of spaces right at the Medan Selera. Once arrived, I walked up to the restaurant to check what they had. Besides the plain Nasi Lemak, they also had some Rendang and other varieties which one could add on to the plain Nasi Lemak set. I was not in the mood for too heavy a meal and as such, went light with just the basic. With that, I walked up to one of the vacant tables and took my seat.

Coffee @ RM 1.70

Coffee @ RM 1.70
In just a matter of minutes, the food and drink were sent over. I ordered a glass of Local Coffee and this was priced at RM 1.,70 . The coffee was a tad too sweet for me. Besides, they had also added too much milk into it. Not quite to my liking but I am sure there would be many out there who would love to have sweet coffee. For me, I would rate this at 7/10. 

Nasi Lemak @ RM 1.50

Nasi Lemak @ RM 1.50

Nasi Lemak @ RM 1.50
Their Nasi Lemak was priced at RM 1.50 per plate. It was not a big portion. Perhaps, I would need to have two of these and that's because I am a big eater. This came with some Rice, a few Fried Peanuts, two thinly sliced cucumbers, some Sambal and an Omelette. 

The Rice
The rice had sufficient amounts of all the key ingredients but it slacked big time. Why? Simply because it was under cooked. It was still very grainy and was not one that I enjoyed. I wonder how they could have made that error. For me, I would only rate this at 5/10 .

Although the Sambal may seem to be very spicy, it was actually very sweet. In fact, too sweet. For those who prefer the sweeter version, this would be very suitable. I would definitely prefer the spicy one over this. Based on my taste buds, I would rate this at 5/10 .

Peanuts & Cucumber

Fried Egg
The Egg was excellently done and it was still moist at the yolk which is exactly how it should be. I would rate the egg at 9/10 . The peanuts and cucumber were good too but they were very stingy portions. 

Overall, I didn't quite enjoy their Nasi Lemak as well as their coffee. They were both too sweet and the rice was awful. Even if the rice had been okay, I don't think that I would have enjoyed it. I still prefer the salty and spicy version of Nasi Lemak. Although Gerai Haji Din's Nasi Lemak is also on the sweet side, that is way better than this. In short, a very average tasting Nasi Lemak.

Address: Gerai No. 2, Medan Selera Tanjung Malim, 
                Jalan Raja Itam, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1600 Daily

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