Saturday, 30 May 2015

Nasi Lemak Depan Kelab Sosial Harmoni @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

It's the weekend and when most people would be resting at home, I am out heading to a Nasi Lemak place that came highly recommended by a friend of mine. Of late, there have been many new little stand alone kind of stalls like this that have been mushrooming in Tanjung Malim and so much so, I have lost count on the number of these new stalls. The good thing is that it means more new food places to try and that is something that I have always welcomed.

Stall Run By An Elderly Couple

Already Having So Many Orders

Just A Simple Set Up

Located Opposite Kelab Sosial Harmoni
This stall is located on the Ulu Bernam side of town. Assuming that you're coming from Tanjung Malim, once you cross the bridge, keep going straight for about 100 meters and then slow down. Look right till you see the Kelab Sosial Harmoni which should be sighted within a matter of seconds. Once you see that club, immediately pull over and this stall is directly opposite that club. There are no proper landmarks but for the locals, I would say that this Nasi Lemak stall is located close to Malim Hardware store, where the old dilapidated mill lies. It is just a simple table and umbrella set up and is run by an elderly couple. Initially, the Mak Cik got worried when I started taking pictures and then I explained to her that she came highly recommended by a friend and that I also blog about good food places. It was only then that she appeared a little calm and started being chatty with me. She is there daily and resumes business at 6.30 am. By 10 am, she is usually done for the day. I was here at 9 am and even at that time, some of her ingredients had already been sold out. Despite that, there were lot's of standing orders from staffs of Proton who were just content on having her rice and Sambal. One of the guys standing there with me told me that her Sambal is very good. That's a positive testimony coming from another happy customer. She also informed me that usually on weekdays, she would cook around 7 Kg's of rice but on weekends, she would have to prepare at least 20Kg's of rice as the demand is quite high. She had run out of eggs and asked me if I still wanted a packet. I said yes and then she went on to pack a packet of Nasi Lemak for me. She does not sell anything else like other vendors who would usually have some Fried Noodles as well. Her business is solely Nasi Lemak. Once done, she charged me RM 1.20 for a packet and that came with a 30 cent discount since there was no eggs. There are no places for one to sit and have a meal here and it is purely takeaways. 

A Packet of Nasi Lemak @ RM 1.20

Looks So Delicious!
Her Nasi Lemak was definitely a huge packet, perhaps 1 1/2 times of what we get elsewhere. She also provides those disposable spoons and the spoon provided was one of the good quality ones, not those that would snap even at the very first attempt. For RM 1.20, the portion was huge and everything was lavish including the Sambal and Fried Anchovies.

Fragrant Rice

Mildly Spicy Sambal
The rice itself was so delicious. Definitely one of the good ones that are available in town. It was so creamy and addictive. I just loved it and would rate their Nasi Lemak Rice at 9.3/10 . In Perak, most of the Sambal's available are on the sweet side of taste but this was an exception. It was mildly spicy and slightly on the salty side. A perfect punch for the rice and together, they were just awesome. The volume of Sambal too was quite lavish. I would rate her Sambal at 9.3/10 . Now I know why that guy gave a positive testimony and also the reason why those Proton staffs were content on just having her rice and Sambal. Just delicious!

Fried Anchovies and Peanuts

Fresh Cut Cucumber
The Fried Anchovies and Peanuts provided too were very fresh. Definitely one that was fried that very morning and not left overs. The volume was also lavish. The cucumber cuts provided too were fresh and they were thick cuts. Not those stale ones. In fact, when she was cutting one cucumber, it appeared a little stale and she just threw the entire cucumber and started cutting a new one. That's very generous of her in ensuring that her customers get the best of quality. 

Overall, I am very happy with the Nasi Lemak here and glad that I have found another good Nasi Lemak in town besides Nasi Lemak beside Kedai Salman and Nasi Lemak Haji Din. Although it lacked an omelette, I did not feel it as the rest of the items were just good. The volume of rice was also huge. Usually, I would be having two packets at least but from this stall, one was just enough. Definitely I shall be returning for more soon!

Address: Along Jalan Besar Ulu Bernam, 35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor , Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0630 - 1000 Daily

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