Monday, 18 May 2015

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli @ KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Wanting to try some Lamien? Well, that's the famous hand pulled noodles that's originating from Lanzhou in Gansu Province, China. This recipe had been brought over to Malaysia by a Mr. Hassan who is a Chinese Muslim gentleman. They started from a very humble beginning and now, they have a number of outlets across the Klang Valley. Today, this is one of the most successful franchise that is rapidly expanding with so many more outlets about to open in the weeks to come. This establishment had been acknowledged by so many food groups including the Jalan Jalan Cari Makan team. Previously, I did not know about this restaurant until they opened their newest outlet which is located in the new food court in KL Sentral.  Being a Halal certified restaurant, their popularity has been growing tremendously. 

The Outlet in KL Sentral

Simple Layout

My Foodloft Is The New Food Court
The new food court in KL Sentral is called My Foodloft. Once you are in, keep walking till the very end and you would come to this stall. It is just a very simple set up but the place is clean and very nicely managed. All their staffs were Chinese Muslims from China. It's very easy to tell the difference and moreover, they can't speak Malay.

Signature Dishes


A Recommended Drink

Staff Busy At Work

Common Seating Area
Although they have many more dishes at their other restaurant's, this outlet only carries their five signature dishes and one drink. It just makes sense to do that as the place is really small and this should be good for one to get a feel of the food here. The outlet was manned by three staffs. One girl who was handling the cashier and order taking whereas the other two guys were handling the food preparation. It was nice to see them doing the noodle pulling right there at the stall as it was just so artistic. Sad that I did not manage to get a video of that to share here. Having gone through what was available, I ordered their Noodles with Egg as I do not eat beef. It was quite a straightforward process. The girl could not speak neither English nor Bahasa Malaysia and hence, I just had to point things to her. Fairly simple as the dishes were not too complicated. I think she must have just arrived from China. Despite the lack of communication, she was very courteous and served with a smile. Once the dish was ready, I paid for it and walked over to the common seating area. Unlike some of the outlets here, they did not have their own private seating space. Not an issue though. After all, this is a food court. 

Mee Soup with Egg @ RM 8.00

The Reddish Thing Was The Extra Chili Flakes

Comes With A Whole Boiled Egg

Now, this does not taste anywhere close to the usual Chinese Soup Noodles that we get here. The soup tasted exactly like the food that I had when I was in Beijing. Very authentic taste. This may seem odd to some who are not accustomed to that taste but I simply loved it. I also requested them to add some chili flakes at no additional costs and it did have a lovely impact on the taste. The soup was light bodied but had very deep flavours to it. You should give it a try to experience the delight. In short, it was super good and I would rate the soup at 9.8/10 . 

Soft and Springy Noodles



Logo On The Cutlery
The noodle itself was just amazing. It was soft like cotton and silky smooth. Nothing that I have tasted locally compares to the excellence of these noodles. One excellent preparation and the noodles itself had a very creamy taste to it. Loved it! I would rate this at 9.9/10 .

Bird Eye Chili In Soy Sauce
If you want to add more spice to the dish, then you could ask for some Bird Eye Chili and this is provided complimentary at the counter. For me, there was no need for this as the bowl of noodles was so good on it's own.

Tea Eggs @ RM 2.00 each

Tea Eggs @ RM 2.00 each
Tea Eggs are another one of my favourites and when I saw them here, I immediately added that to my order. It is sold with the shell and you would have to do the peeling yourself. Well, that's best and it is done so for hygiene purposes. To be honest, the Tea Eggs were nothing great. I have tasted much better ones. This was just okay. In fact, the vein like appearance that you see should be more prominent and should appear on all sides. Here, it was only visible on this side. Perhaps, they may have added too many eggs when boiling and this one must have been one of those at the top of the stack. Rating wise, I would only give this 6/10 . 

Overall, it was an enjoyable lunch. The Tea Eggs were just above average but the noodles were simply amazing. Authentic, reasonably priced and heavenly tasting! A highly recommended taste. Once again, I would like to stress that this verdict is simply because of the fact that I love the Chinese food in Beijing and if you are not used to that, then it may just not be suitable for your taste buds. Nevertheless, for the quality of the noodles, this place is worth giving a try.

Address: My Foodloft, KL Sentral, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

Telephone: +6017 628 9470




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