Friday, 8 May 2015

Oishii @ NU Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Oishii is a Japanase Fusion Restaurant that is located on the concourse level of NU Sentral Mall. It isn't like the usual full fledged restaurants that we find in malls, just slightly larger than a kiosk and with limited seatings. Their theme seemed to be 'Grab & Go Japanese Fusion' and the design was a perfect fit. If one is coming from KL Sentral, then the moment you take the escalator up to connect into NU Sentral Mall, at the connecting bridge, look right and this restaurant would be clearly visible. 

Oishii At NU Sentral Mall

Small Seating Space

The Counter

Limited Seating
For the concept that they were portraying, it was a perfect fit. I loved the very modern design of the outlet. It was around lunch time when I arrived and they had quite a number of customers that were dining in. Besides that, there were many that did takeaways. The restaurant was simple. On one side, a row of tables and chairs and on the other side, was the counter top and a small kitchenette. The place was manned by the owner and another helper. Perfectly good for the size of the restaurant.


Another New Introduction To Their List Of Bento's

Takoyaki Too!
With that, I went to check on their menu. It was simple and practical. Just around 8 meal set's and they were competitively priced. It was here that I saw the Halal certification of this outlet. That is great news for our Muslim friends as they too can enjoy the food from this place now. Besides the set meals, they also had some Takoyaki. Once I made my mind as to what to order, I then walked over to the counter to place my orders. At this restaurant, payment is done upon ordering and once ready, the food would be then sent over to you.

Green Tea @ RM 1.50
After paying, I returned to one of the tables and waited for my meal. The drink was fast. I ordered the above Green Tea and this was priced at RM 1.50 per glass. Not too sure if it is refillable though. The Green Tea was good. I asked for a cold tea and I got a very chilled one. 

Teriyaki Chicken Bento @ RM 13.90
It took them approximately 10 minutes to prepare the food and was sent once ready. I doubt that the food is cooked from scratch here. It must have been pre-prepared. Impossible to prepare all these in under 10 minutes. I ordered the above Teriyaki Chicken Bento and this was priced at RM 13.90 . The portion may seem small but it was a very filling meal, and this comes from one who is very seasoned to Banana Leaf Meals. Even for dine in's, they still use those microwave container's and the same also applies to takeaways. This was neatly packed in a sealed cover, perfect for takeaways. Now, this set came with some rice, two Japanese Rice Rolls, a large chunk of Teriyaki Chicken, some Egg Salad and two cuts of Watermelon's. For this price, I think that it's a very good deal.

White Rice
The White Rice was good and it was not the common Malaysian grain. This was the Japanese Short Grain Rice. It was great to note that they have taken the initiate to ensure the authenticity even at such a small fusion restaurant.

Egg Salad

Egg Salad
The Egg Salad was very good and was prepared with quality, fresh ingredients. And these were lavishly topped with Mayonnaise. Loved the preparation and would rate this at 9/10 .

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken
The Teriyaki Chicken was so delicious. Must have used honey to prepare this and the quality was very evident. It was a full thigh piece and it was so tender and juicy. Absolutely loved it and I would rate this at 9.6/10 . 

Japanese Rice Rolls

Not Too Big and Not Too Small
The Japanese Rice Rolls were nice, though they seemed a little small in size. There was not much of an ingredients used here but the preparation methods were flawless. The setback was that they did not provide the Japanese Soy Sauce and I had to have this with the sauce that was provided with the Teriyaki Chicken. Taste wise, I would rate this at 8/10 .

The Watermelon's were served ice cold and they were very sweet and fresh. Loved it!

Takoyaki Comes In A Cute Little Packaging

Octopus Takoyaki @ RM 4.90

Soft & Delicious

Rich In Cheese
I also got a set of Octopus Takoyaki's and they were priced at RM 4.90 per set. Per set came with four Takoyaki balls and they were just amazing. One of the best Takoyaki's and it was so soft, cheesy and delicious. Ecen the Bonito flakes were very fresh and good. Absolutely loved it and would rate this at 9.8/10 . You also have an option of adding more cheese for a small payment. I did not opt for that as I wanted to taste the 'original' flavour. This is definitely something that I would highly recommend!

Bill For The Day
On the whole, it was a very enjoyable lunch. The Green Tea was good, Chicken Teriyaki Set and Takoyaki were awesome, very reasonably priced and good customer service. Definitely a place that I would frequent for a quick, delicious meal that's real value for money.

Address: Unit 4A, Concourse Level, NU Sentral Mall, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
                Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily



  1. I've tried their Takoyaki and it was good. Based on your review, I'm going to try their Bento set's too. The Teriyaki Chicken definitely looks yummy!

    1. Great! Yes, it's one of the better Takoyaki's in town. Their Bento sets are surely vakue for money. Do give it a try Bro.