Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Restoran Fu Man @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Besides Ga Onn Restaurant and Garden Seafood, Restoran Fu Man is another favourite restaurant among the locals in Tanjung Malim, Perak. This restaurant is located in Taman Universiti which is along the old state road heading towards Kuala Lumpur. It's been a while since we came here. If I am not mistaken, the last time I was here was in April 2014. Yes, that long it has been and for a change, we decided to do lunch here today.

Menu On The Wall
Actually, the local Chinese prefer this restaurant more than Ga Onn and as such, the place is full house most of the time. Sometimes, you'd have to make prior reservations to get a table. It was pass 2 pm when we arrived and even then, we had to wait for 10 minutes before having gotten ourselves a table. To add to this, they also get quite a number of tourist buses dropping by and that should give you an indication as to how good their business is. Food is good here, no doubt about it and they have a number of signature dishes as well which are loved by many. As for today, we won't be doing any one of those signature dishes as those would require a larger number of people and here we are just the four of us. So, just some usual dishes that we love at this restaurant. The service here is very quick and all their staffs move around so quickly attending to customers needs. I guess they are so used to running full house most of the time.

Steamed Tilapia Fish with Ginger @ RM 26.00
Steamed Tilapia Fish with ginger. This is one of the dishes that I love here. It's just amazing how they prepare them without skimping on the ingredients. Just see the amount of ginger used. The fish was steamed and topped with ginger and bird eye chili's. The generous topping of ginger seeped in well into the fish meat and that gave it an all round taste. Super good it was and for this style of preparation, these guys are the best in town. It would be a shame if I rate this anything less than a perfect 10/10. 

Thai Style Asam Prawns @ RM 22.00
Thai Style Asam Prawns. Reasonably large prawns were cooked with a mix of vegetables and served in a sour and spicy sauce. The prawns were delicious and that mix of crunchy vegetables along with the sour and spicy broth was just amazing. Another good preparation and I would rate this 9/10. 

Kam Heong Clams @ RM 20.00
The Kam Heong Style Clams were excellent. Apologies for the blurry photograph as it got focused at a different point. The clams were huge, not the small sized ones that are commonly found in restaurants and the sauce was divine. It was so good that we literally wiped the plate clean. Generous usage of belacan and it came with lots of dried shrimps. I would rate this at 10/10.

Deep Fried Squid with Mayonnaise Dip @ RM 10.00
Deep Fried Squid with Mayonnaise Dip. Decent portions and very reasonable prices. The batter used to coat the squid was so delicious so much so none of us had to even dip it in the Mayonnaise provided. Excellent it was and I would again rate this at 10/10.

Homemade Beancurd  With A Variety Of Mushrooms @ RM 14.00
Homemade Beancurd with a variety of Mushrooms. Again a dish that we all enjoyed. The array of mushrooms used was the highlight of this dish and not to forget the tofu. Deep fried and crunchy on the outside yet silky soft on the inside. That combination was a bang. I would rate this at 8/10.

Kangkung Belacan @ RM 8.00
Kangkung Belacan is a staple dish that we have to order every time we eat out at a Chinese restaurant. Somehow, I didn't quite like the preparation here and felt that the one that we get at Ga Onn Restaurant, is far superior.  The reason, was the lack of belacan and dried shrimps. Otherwise, it was decent. I would give this a 6/10 only. 

With an exception to the Kangkung Belacan, the rest of the dishes were just awesome. Overall a good lunch and my tummy was happy. Reasonable prices, good food and excellent customer service. Definitely a place that I would recommend. 

Address: No.39, Jalan U1, Taman Universiti, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Telephone: +605 4597 620

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1430 & 1730 - 2230 Daily

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