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Puchong Chettinad Mess @ Puchong, Selangor

If you're into a good Banana Leaf Rice Meal at a no frills Indian Mess, then you have got to pay these guys a visit. Puchong Chettinad Mess is a South Indian Mess that opened up some months back and is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

The Mess Located Along Jalan 7/9

It's On The First Floor
Once you've turned into Bandar Puteri Puchong, keep going straight and take the overhead bridge. As you come down, slowly keep to the left lane and just before Columbia Medical Centre, turn left. Please go slow here as you may miss the turning which comes shortly ahead. You would see a Light Industrial Area on your right. Yes, do not get confused. You are on the right track. This mess is located in a Light Industrial Area and not the usual commercial zone. Now, once you have turned left before Columbia Medical Centre, take the second turning right and immediately left which would lead you to the inner road. In about 50 meters, look right and you should be able to see Chakra Catering Services which is just a few doors away from a private clinic. Parking is easy here since it is a Industrial Zone. This mess is located on the first floor. Kindly do note that foot wear is not allowed inside the mess for hygiene reasons. 

Prices Of Meals

Clean And Efficient Service
Prices of all the dishes are listed at the entrance itself and once you're upstairs, there's a white board which lists down all the food items that are available for the day. This mess isn't like the usual South Indian Mess that you would come across around Lebuh Ampang area. It is carpeted, air-conditioned and all customers are treated with utmost respect. In fact the owner is always there observing the staffs and at times personally attends to customers need when the staffs are busy. Service is super efficient and served in a proper manner. 

Banana Leaf Rice Meal @ RM 6.00 + Mutton Perattal @ RM 6.00
Just look at the way the food items are neatly served on a very large banana leaf. Today, we had three vegetables, rice and curries, Appalam, Rasam and Moor for RM 6.00 . I believe that on Fridays it's RM 7.00 as there are more food items available. I also had a plate of Mutton Perattal which was priced at RM 6.00 . Another thing that impressed me was the availability of warm and cold water which is served according to customers preference. Also do note that serviettes are neatly tucked under the glasses and these are small things which gives great pleasure to patrons. I am sure that the years of experience being caterers has contributed to all these pleasant gestures. 

Delicious Vegetables 
The vegetables that were available for the day were Cucumber Raita, Keerai Kadaiyal, Mango Pachadi and Cabbage Perattal. All of which were extremely tasty. It is their habit here to serve small portions solely to avoid wastage. One could request for any number of top ups and they would happily accommodate. In fact, I did not even have to ask. The owner kept asking me for rice and veggie refills all the while. That is the level of customer service that one can expect here. It's just a very small space and the furniture is laid out in such a way that everyone gets personalised attention. As for these vegetables, I would give the Keerai Kadayal and Cabbage Perattal a 8/10 and the Mango Pacahdi a 9/10. 


Venthaya Kulambu
Their Sambar was good. It had the right blend of ingredients, not watered down and tasted good. This I would rate it at 8/10. Their Venthaya Kulambu was even better. It was thick, they had used lots of garlic and spices and the aroma was fantastic. This deserves a 9/10. My father had Fish Kulambu and he seemed very happy with it. In fact, it was the first time that I saw him going for extra rice just to have another round of the Fish Kulambu. Curious, I gave it a try as well. Apologies as the photo isn't here. Coming back to the Fish Gravy, that was heavenly! No words to describe how good it was. You have got to try it yourself to experience the bliss that we through. This one deserves nothing less than a 10/10. 

Rasam & Moor
Rasam and Moor were part of the Banana Leaf Rice Meal Set. Their Rasam was nice but it wasn't a taste to remember. I have definitely tasted better ones and would give it a 7/10. The Moor was better and I'd give it a 8/10. 

Mutton Perattal @ RM 6.00
Their Mutton Perattal was excellent. Lean meat cuts cooked in a thick, aromatic gravy that was deeply infused with spices. Absolutely wonderful preparation and I loved it! In fact, the gravy was finger licking good. I would rate this at 9/10. My father had some Fried Podi Fish as well which isn't shown in these photographs. Three large Podi Fish for RM 6.00 . Definitely a very good price compared to what guys like Raju's and Pandi's are selling. The fish was deep fried to a crisp and yet it was so juicy on the inside. In my opinion, it was good but could have been better marination wise and therefore I would give it a 8/10. 

Overall, I am very happy with this Mess and would surely return for more. After all, it is so close to my present workplace. Loved the Banana Leaf Meal and the curries and not to forget, the mutton as well. I would also like to congratulate and thank the management and staff for the wonderful hospitality. Do keep up the great work!

Address: 11-1, Jalan Puteri 7/9, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1430 Monday - Friday

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  1. Hi! I love your blog. May i suggest a place fr you to try. If u happen to go to Kuantan, go try Ana Ikan Bakar, Tanjung Lumpur. I suggest u go around 7pm as the place will start to crowd at 8pm onwards. Plus there will be many choice of seafood if u go early. It is mainly open for dinner only.