Friday, 3 November 2017

Restoran PKS Maju @ Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Restoran PKS Maju may seem like a very ordinary restaurant that is located in a residential area but this restaurant has a special charm that attracts customers from near and far. Despite being located in a run down area of Taman Pinggiran Putra which is filled with foreigners, this restaurant does offer some fantastic South Indian food at very reasonable prices. 

Restoran PKS Maju Located In Taman Pinggiran Putra

Just Another Restaurant

Very Simple Set Up

My Meal For The Day Priced At RM 5.00
This restaurant may seem like just another run down restaurant but do check out their reviews on Foursquare, They are all extremely positive and it's difficult to see such reviews in most restaurants today. They have a very standard offering in terms of lunch offering and I had some Mutton Curry, Mutton Gravy, Bitter Gourd Perattal and some Tofu Sambal and this lot was priced at RM 5.00 . Very reasonable I felt.

Bitter Gourd Perattal
My brother used to live in this area before and it was him that had recommended me this place. He's generally a very fussy person when it comes to food and seeing his very positive feedback coupled by the reviews that I had read on Foursquare, I decided that I have got to visit this restaurant. For a start, let me go with their Bitter Gourd Perattal. The veggie was cooked to perfection and the taste was just awesome. Not too spicy and not too bitter, they had made it taste just awesome. My review for this shall be 10/10. 

Curried Mutton

Mutton Gravy & Tofu Sambal
Their Mutton Curry was extremely good. I loved the lean cuts that came with lots of potatoes and the flavours were just awesome. Very generous with the spices and my rating for this shall be 9/10. Similarly, their Tofu Sambal deserves nothing less than 9/10. 

Omelette @ RM 1.50
A staple item that should not be missed at this restaurant is their Omelette which is priced at RM 1.50 . This is made on request and you would see this being served at almost all tables. Even for those who come by during tea time, they would order one of this as it was really good.l Just look at the colours and you'd know how good it is. My rating for this is 9/10. 

Despite being a very humble set up in a run down settlement, Restoran PKS Maju serves some excellent South Indian food. Their curries, veggies as well as their famous Omelette were all extremely tasty. In fact, they do serve much better food compared to what we get at most of those famous restaurants in the Klang Valley. This is definitely a restaurant that I would highly recommend and I wouldn't mind driving all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to have some tasty food. 

Address: Jalan PP 28, Taman Pinggiran Putra, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Malaysia.

Business Hours: 24 Hours Daily