Monday, 18 December 2017

Restoran Maju Utama @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Restoran Maju Utama is perhaps one of the busiest restaurants on the CBD 2 side of Cyberjaya. I was on a quest to look out for the best Mee Goreng on this side of Cyberjaya and this restaurant seemed to be able to beat the rest. Please do note that I have not tried all the Indian Muslim restaurants in Cyberjaya to be able to judge and come up with the best Mee Goreng, but I have certainly tried most of them and from what I have tried, these guys seemed to be doing a good job. 

Maggi Curry

Mee Goreng
Their Maggi Curry was certainly good and they had added a lot of veggies, tofu and an egg in their preparation. They had also not added too much water and diluted the curry, it was prepared just the way it should be. My rating for this preparation shall be 8/10. Their Mee Goreng however was pretty awesome. Everything was just right about it and the way the egg had been distributed in the heat was just perfect and that gave it a mind blowing taste. This is definitely a plate of Mee Goreng that I would highly recommend and my rating for this shall be 9/10. 

Indomie Goreng

Mee Hoon Goreng
Their Indomie Goreng was another excellent preparation. Just like the Mee Goreng, this too was almost flawless. All the ingredients were just perfect. If I were to rate this, 9/10 would be my rating. Their Mee Hoon Goreng however was a let down. I would say that it was just so so. Though they were generous with the ingredients, the dish did not transform to be the way it ideally should. I would only give this 6/10. 

For a good plate of Mee Goreng and Indomie Goreng in Cyberjaya, my recommendation would be to visit Restoran Maju Utama which is located in CBD 2. Both dishes were amazing and skillfully prepared. I did try their Mee Hoon Goreng as well but that was somehow not up to my expectations. For Mee Goreng and Indomie Goreng, this would definitely be a good place to visit. 

Address: 4806-D-13A, CBD Perdana 2, Jalan Perdana, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0630 - 2100 Daily

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