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Restoran Tien Yin Seafood @ Bagan Sungai Burung, Selangor

A few months back, I had shared an entry from a fishing town and that was from the coast of Pantai Batu Laut. Today, I shall be sharing another fantastic place that is not too far from Kuala Lumpur and this place is located in Bagan Sungai Burung, Sabak Bernam. 

Huge Parking Space In Front Of The Restaurant

Chinese Tea Per Pot @ RM 6.36

Very Fresh Chilies & Garlic

Bagan Sungai Burung is just off Sungai Besar but it comes under the Sabak Bernam district. Being a fishing town, this place promises cheap and fresh seafood that is deliciously prepared. There's many ways to get here but for us, it was best to come from Tanjung Malim using the Sungai Besar road that starts from Behrang town. The journey was just under 80 minutes but the roads were not too good as you're mostly driving through villages and paddy fields. Nevertheless, it is still worth the drive. We arrived around 1.00 pm and the place was almost full house. There's no menu card whatsoever here but the dishes shown below are some of their signature dishes and you would see them at almost every table. The staffs are very friendly and they surely seem so used to handling crowd. One thing I liked about the lady boss here is that she does adjust the dishes based on the number of pax and she tells you when she thinks that you're ordering a little too much. That is an honest gesture that is not found in many restaurants these days. 

Butter Milk Mantis Prawns @ RM 25.44

Kam Heong Lala @ RM 21.20
We wanted to have the dry style butter dish but they do not do that preparation here. Alternatively, they did this Butter Milk Style Mantis Prawns for us. The Mantis Prawns were very fresh and they were cooked with generous portions of butter milk. A wonderful preparation that we all enjoyed. I would definitely rate this at 9/10. Their Kam Heong Lala was again an excellent dish. I loved the huge clams that they had used. The dish was prepared with lots of dried shrimps and it was totally addictive. My rating for this too shall be 9/10. 

Steamed Prawns with Egg @ RM 36.04

Teo Chew Style Steamed Ikan Merah @ RM 33.92
This was again another fantastic dish. 18 large prawns they are and the dish was only priced at RM 36.04 . Taste wise, this was quite unique. They had used Rice Wine and egg and that gave a wonderful blend of flavours. A good one to have here and I would rate this at 9/10. As for the Steamed Fish dish, it was such a large cut and I felt that it was very reasonable priced at RM 33.92 . The Teo Chew Style of steaming was also perfectly done and it came with lots of pickled vegetables and soft bean curd. A must try here and this deserves a perfect 10/10. 

Kam Heong Crabs (1 Kg) @ RM 63.60

Hawaiian Style Baby Octopus @ RM 21.20

Salted Egg Prawns @ RM 33.92
Their Kam Heong Crabs were very fresh and the meat was so juicy. For 1 Kg, it was only priced at RM 63.60 which is one of the cheapest I have seen in recent times. It's definitely way cheaper that Pantai Batu Laut, Kuala Selangor or even Carry Island. 9/10 is what I shall give this dish. The Hawaiian Style Baby Octopus was again an awesome dish. The blend of flavours tasted almost similar to a Sweet and Sour dish. The Baby Octopus was fried to a crisp and this combination of crunchy vegetables and the sauces were really something. Again, 9/10 for this dish. Finally, their Salted Egg Prawns was no exception either. Huge prawns generously coated in a salted egg batter and were deep fried to a crisp. The coating was delicious and the sweet flesh was so tender and juicy. Without a doubt, I would rate this dish too at 9/10. 

Bill For The Meal
As you can see from the bill, the food is is very cheap and no wonder that this place is so crowded and people are willing to travel the distance. Being a fishing town, this place does serve some excellent seafood at ridiculously cheap prices. The food is fresh as fishermen literally dock at this village daily. Even if you want to get some fresh seafood supplies, this would be the perfect place as you could buy them directly from the fishermen. The best route to get here would be via Tanjung Malim using the back road that heads in to Sungai Besar. A mere 80 minute journey that brings you to some heavenly food that's wallet friendly. After your meal, you could relax at the beach side as well. The views are amazing and it's a mere three minutes away from this restaurant. 

Address: Lot 24725, Bagan Sungai Burung, 45200 Sabak Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1200 - 2230 Daily

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