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Restoran Sea Town Seafood @ Kajang, Selangor

Restoran Sea Town Seafood has been around for some time now and is quite famous among the locals in Kajang. I was introduced to this restaurant through the TV programme called Rasikka Rusikka which is aired on ASTRO. Apparently the famous food items here is their Curry dishes and the one that came highly recommended is their Squid Curry. Despite been a Chinese restaurant, if their curry dishes could be such a favourite among the locals, both Indians and the Chinese community, it surely raised my curiosity and as such I had wanted to give this place a try and here I am this evening. 

The Restaurant Located Within Temple Premises

Simple Comcept
Surprisingly, this restaurant was not too far away from where I lived and I wonder how I even missed it. Assuming you're on Jalan Reko from Kajang, drive towards Bangi and not too far from the Kajang Silk intersection, you would be able to see this restaurant on your left. It's only open in the evenings and is located within a temple grounds. The restaurant itself is quite humble looking. Wooden structures and all that but they do have a huge dining space, both air-conditioned as well as outdoors. Ample of parking is available and that's a great relief to many who would be driving here. 

Chinese Tea (Pot) @ RM 3.00

Cutlery etc.
We were here at around 6 pm and even then, there was a decent crowd. Ordering was quite straight forward. If you have no clue as to what to order, ask for their menu. They have a nicely bound colour menu with pictures of each and every dish and that would be of great help to those who do not know what they actually want to have. As for us, the Curry Squid dish was already a must order and the rest, we choose based on the menu and the bosses' recommendation. Despite have a sizeable crowd, they were quite fast in serving the dishes. 

Rice (2 Big) @ RM 3.00

Squid Curry @ RM 30.00
The rice here comes in those thermos containers and the volume given is really a lot. However, they only charged us RM 1.50 per pax for the rice. I like the concept that they serve us in a huge container like that. We get to take how much we want and it also keeps the rice warm. The Squid Curry was served in claypots and it was priced at RM 30.00 . Not cheap for sure but again, the portion was huge. Honestly, this was good to feed five adults. The curry itself tasted very Indian, had a lot of spices and add on's like tofu, cabbage and brinjals were found in the dish. The curry was thick and nice but it was also slightly on the oily side. Good for sure and my rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Sliced Bitter Gourd with Pork & Egg @ RM 15.00

3 Types of Egg Steamed @ RM 13.00
The Bitter Gourd with Pork & Eggs were excellent. To be honest, I enjoyed this more than the Squid Curry. The preparation was just perfect and the veggies were not overdone. My rating for this shall be 9/10. The Steamed Eggs were good too. The blend of three different kind of eggs were lovely and my rating for this shall also be 9/10. 

Restoran Sea Town Seafood is a restaurant that is famous for their Claypot Curries and the top seller here is their Squid Claypot Curry. This restaurant came highly recommended through the Rasikka Rusikka programme on ASTRO and that was how I was introduced to this place. Taste wise, it had a strong presence of Indian spices and tasted almost like the Indian style of preparation. However, I did not find it to be so great compared to the other dishes that we had tried. The Bitter Gourd and Steamed Egg dishes that we tried were excellent. Prices are a little steep though.

Address: No. 1-6-39A, Batu 16, Jalan Reko, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 1700 - 2300 Daily 

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