Monday, 19 November 2018

KA Vegetarian Restaurant @ Klang, Selangor

We were in Taman Chi Liung, Klang this morning for some work and I had some friends who are vegetarians with me. Right after our discussion, we were looking for some place to have lunch and one of the friends suggested this restaurant which apparently is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Klang. 

The Restaurant In Taman Chi Liung 
Locating this restaurant wasn't difficult and parking is pretty easy around this side of Klang. The restaurant itself was huge and they occupied two shop lots. Very spacious and clean as well. 

As you can see from their menu, they have a range of cuisines that they offer and they are all vegetarian. It is more like a Malaysian restaurant and the prices seemed reasonable. 

Chinese Tea @ RM 0.80 & Asam Boi @ RM 1.90
The Chinese Tea was good but the Asam Boi was just so so. I am not sure if the Asam itself was not fresh but it just didn't seep well. My rating for the previous shall be 9/10 and the latter 5/10. 

KA Special Noodle @RM 7.70

Sweet & Sour Chicken Chop Rice @ RM 6.60
The KA Special Noodles was basically Yee Mee. The portions were good but taste wise, it wasn't the best vegetarian version of this dish that I have tasted. My rating for this shall be 6/10. Similarly, their Sweet & Sour Chicken Chop Rice was just above average only and for this, my rating shall be 5/10. 

Based on the dishes that we had tried this afternoon, I wouldn't get too excited about the taste. I am not saying that it wasn't good, it just wasn't great. However, the variety and mix of cuisines that you get here is simply remarkable. Worth visiting if you're in the area and looking for some vegetarian food. 

Address: No. 78, Lebuh Turi, Taman Chi Liung, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0800 - 2300 Daily


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