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Restoran Selera Pengasih: Nasi Lemak Petai Tiong Nam @ Jalan Tiong Nam, Kuala Lumpur

Nasi Lemak is somewhat one of the national dishes of Malaysia, one which every Malaysian would always savour. In my quest to identify good Nasi Lemak places, I recently visited this particular restaurant that is located along Jalan Tiong Nam, parallel to Jalan Raja Laut in Kuala Lumpur.

Restoran Selera Pengasih along Jalan Raja Laut

Both Indoor & Outdoor Seating Available

An Array of Available Dishes

Drinks Station
Famous for it's Sambal Petai Nasi Lemak, this restaurant is located right opposite Wisma Havela Thakadass, closer to the rear side of the Sime Darby building. There is a covered outdoor seating as well as two shop lots which cater for indoor seating. Although all the staffs and cooks are Malays, the owner is a Chinese gentleman. Nevertheless, this restaurant has the Halal status. It is famous among the locals in this area as well as the KLMUC students as their campus is just right opposite this restaurant. 

Cashier Right in the Centre of the Restaurant
This restaurant has very long operating hours. They start at 11 am daily and this goes on till late night whereby they close briefly at 4 am and they serve delicious hot Nasi Lemak throughout the day and night. The rice is prepared in limited amounts and is cooked again to top up thus ensuring the supply is always hot and fresh. Besides their famous Sambal Petai, they also do have other sides to accompany their Nasi Lemak which includes Rendang Chicken, Spiced Fried Chicken (Ayam Berempah) and a number of other dishes. They also serve Roti Canai but that starts only around 4 pm and goes on until closure. Service here too is very efficient and they would attend to you almost immediately once you take your seat.

Teh O Ais @ RM 1.50
Their drinks is prepared by a local Malay guy. I had the above Teh O Ais and it was fixed quite well. I would rate this drink at 8/10 .

Nasi Lemak Sambal Petai @ RM 2.50

Another Angle View

Closer Look At Their Sambal Petai
Their basic Nasi Lemak with Sambal Petai comes at RM 2.50 per plate. You get  really a lot of rice with a huge heap of Sambal Petai and half a boiled egg with each serving. The rice is very aromatic and has a lovely fragrance to it. It is prepared very nicely and you get a strong 'Lemak' flavour from it. Their Sambal Petai is made using the large anchovies which makes it really good and they slice the Petai's into smaller bits and this allows the juices to spread out thoroughly in the Sambal. It is also cooked slightly on the spicy side but that's on a tolerable level. The gravy of the Sambal too is not diluted and hence emanates a strong taste and dominates the dish. Overall, it is surely a taste to remember. I would rate their Nasi Lemak Sambal Petai at 9/10 .

For Nasi Lemak lovers, I think it is worth giving this place a try and check out their offering. The portions here are huge, the taste is good and the service is humble. Definitely a place that I would recommend.

Address: No.2, Jalan Tiong Nam, Off Jalan Raja Laut, 
                50350 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 0400 Daily

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