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Toastina Cafe & Bar @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Toastina Cafe & Bar is located on the Ground Floor of Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. This is one of those casual restaurants in this hotel that is well suited for business discussions over a cup of coffee or even for those intending to have some light snacks. 

The Outside Seating Area

The Outside Seating Area

The Indoor Cafe Section

Indoor Cafe Section
This restaurant is somewhat divided into three sections. The indoor cafe seating area, indoor bar area and an outdoor bar seating area. The bar area seems to be decorated in a more posh manner whereas the cafe area is simpler in design but suits the theme well.

Highlights of the Month

The Coffee Bar

Snacks available for the day

Value for money Breakfast Sets
Ordering here is fairly simple, just head over to the counter, choose your items and having paid for them, you would be notified once they are ready as you would need to self collect them. The interesting thing is that when I first walked in, I did not notice that they had these breakfast sets and ended up ordering Ala Carte and paid Ala Carte prices when the same items are available as a set for a much cheaper price without compromising the portion size and I was not notified by the staffs. Anyway, I shall accept this as my fault. Coming back to the offering, there wasn't a menu available and the food is pretty much those items that were displayed in the glass shelf which covered some pastries, pies, Nasi Lemak, Mee Hoon and some sandwiches.  

Flat White @ RM 14.00
The Flat White was not bad actually though it was nothing great. It was typically decent coffee but you pay five star prices for it. I would rate their coffee at 6.5/10 .

Nasi Lemak @ RM 3.50

Quite A Lot Of Sambal

A different angle
The Nasi Lemak was priced at RM 3.50 and it was quite bad. If this was a road side stall, it would have long gone out of business. The rice was not fragrant at all, the Sambal was too spicy and it was just flat. If not for the peculiar spiciness, this dish would have been tasteless. The only thing good about this Nasi Lemak was the Fried Anchovies and Peanuts. Otherwise, a dull dish. I would rate this at 4/10 .

Brewed Coffee (Breakfast Set 2 @ RM 10.00)
Having known about their Breakfast Sets from the previous day's experience (well, this was my breakfast the following day), I ordered the Breakfast Set 2 which comes with a glass of Fresh Brewed Coffee, Pancakes with Butter and Honey and some Fruit Yogurt and all this for RM 10.00 nett. Just like the previous day, the coffee came in the same sized mug and I ended up paying RM 14.00 just for the coffee the previous day. Their Fresh Brewed Coffee was better than the Flat White and I would rate this at 7/10 .

Pancakes with Butter & Honey

Closer Look at the Pancakes
Their Pancakes was nice and the portion size was very satisfying. It had three thick pancakes, a good amount of lightly salted butter and some honey. This was way better than their Nasi Lemak that I had the previous day. I would rate this dish at 8.5/10 .

Fat Free Fruit Yogurt
To finish the breakfast on a healthy note, the above Fat Free Fruit Yogurt was also provided. If you were to dine here and that too for breakfast, I would strongly suggest to go for their Breakfast Sets instead of the individual items and please do stay away from their Nasi Lemak. Located within the Nasi Lemak Zone of KL which is Kampung Baru, Toastina's Nasi Lemak is a sheer embarrassment. 

Address: Ground Floor, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur, 
                Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 2717 9352

Opening Hours: 
                          Cafe: Monday - Friday 0700 - 1900 
                                    Closed on Saturday & Sunday

                          Bar: Monday - Saturday 1100 - 0100
                                   Closed on Sundays
Email: restaurants.imperial@sheraton.com

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