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The Good Batch @ Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Having had some heavy Chinese meals the last few days, we decided to try out something different for lunch today. We then decided to try The Good Batch Cafe that has recently opened its doors in Damansara Utama. This restaurant serves Western breakfast style dishes all day long. As I was still on Deepavali leave, I forgot that it was a Public Holiday today and when we arrived here, there was a very long queue waiting for their turn to a table. 

The Good Batch Cafe in Damansara Utama

Us waiting for our turn

Nice Decor & the Opening Hours
This restaurant is located along the same row as Fat Spoon Cafe and TM Point which faces the row of houses in Damansara Utama. Once arrived here, I needed to register my name with the number of pax with the owner as she was trying her best to manage the crowd without having had anyone walk out in frustration. It seems that this must be a common scene here as they had placed some benches outside the restaurant for these customers who are waiting for their turns. The crowd was massive and mostly youths with a few families where you see Seniors. I registered my name at 1.30 pm and only got a table at 2.20 pm. Luckily, I was not that hungry but there were many who did not have the patience to wait that long and just walked over to some other restaurants. You do find a lot of Muslim customers here as they do not serve Pork but they do not have the Halal status as they serve alcohol on their menu. 

Interior of the Restaurant

There is also a Bar on one end
Due to the fact that they were trying to maximise the capacity, the Cafe seemed rather cramped with minimal spaces between tables. We had to watch our steps as there were elevated platforms within that cramped space or else we would have just toppled on someone else's table. 

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

Their Menu was quite simple. There were limited dishes but each of those dishes were quite complex as being breakfast sets, they had a number of different items that needs to be cooked differently and I expected that it would definitely take some time for a dish to be prepared. Having too many dishes would obviously drag the preparation time much longer. The price too seemed on the high side. The only setback with having limited dishes and having them highly priced would be that this would not be my everyday breakfast joint as it would burn a hole in my pocket and at the same time, one could get bored with the food. This has got to be a restaurant that you visit once a month or so with family. Having gone through the menu, we placed our orders at 2.30 pm. I am just trying to see how long it takes for them to churn out the dishes. 

Hot Chocolate @ RM 9.00
The drinks came in about 20 minutes which was a reasonable wait time. I ordered the above Hot Chocolate which was priced at RM 9.00 . The drink was very good but the cup was just too small. Definitely expensive for the amount that was served but one cannot deny that it tasted wonderful. Taste wise, I would rate this drink at 9.5/10 .

Iced Tea @ RM 7.00
This Iced Tea is one of their house specialty drinks which was recommended by the waitress. It is supposed to be a mixture of Tea and different fruit juices but when the drink arrived, it had so much ice in it that it ended up being diluted and the taste was gone. I would boldly say that there was two thirds ice in it with a third being the drink itself. To me, this was a wash off and was very disappointing. I would only rate this drink at 2/10 .

Cappuccino @ RM 8.50
Their Cappuccino was good and it came with two small Ginger Breads. Having tasted it, I would say that it was a well fixed drink. I would rate it at 8.8/10 .

Caffe Latte @ RM 8.50
Their Caffe Latte, though came in a small glass again, was nice. It was not the best that I have tried but it was still undeniably good. I would rate this drink at 8.8/10 .

Norwegian @ RM 20.90

Closer Look at the Smoked Salmon

Runny Eggs....just love them
Finally at 3.30 pm, the first dish arrived and the others followed shortly. The above dish was called Norwegian. Priced at RM 20.90, it was typically Smoked Salmon, Capsicum and Onion Confit topped with a pair of Poached Organic Eggs and their own Homemade Lemon Hollandaise Sauce on a lightly toasted bread. Taste wise, it was really delicious. I loved the way the eggs were prepared and their Smoked Salmons were really good. The portion was not really huge but bearing in mind that it is difficult to get good dishes like these out there, I would not mind spending that amount on this dish. I would rate this dish at 9.8/10 .An excellent preparation!!!

The Ang Moh @ RM 25.90

Closer Look at the dish
It was interesting to note a Western dish bearing a Chinese name. Priced at RM 25.90, this dish came with two Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Ham, Grilled Chicken Sausage, Ripened Cherry Tomatoes, baked half of a Portobello Mushroom, pan fried Potatoes, Baked Beans and two slices of toasted bread. This is not a difficult dish to prepare and bearing in mind the quantity given which I felt was rather little, I think that this dish is overpriced. For the similar price tag, you get much bigger portions from similar kind of restaurants in Bangsar. Even the baked beans would have been done in two table spoon full. Taste wise, I would rate it at 7/10 .

Californian @ RM 18.90
Again, this was a rather small dish that came with a big price tag. For RM 18.90, there were just two scrambled eggs, a full baked Portobello Mushroom, few slices of Cherry Tomatoes, a side of Capsicum and Onion Confit and a slice of toast bread. There was nothing great with this dish at all and it seemed very ordinary. I would only rate this dish at 6.3/10 .

Except for the Norwegian, the rest of the dishes that we tried today were not really up to my expectations and definitely not worth the long queue. The drinks were good but once again, the portions were small. For the four of us, the bill came to RM 137.05 which is really high bearing in mind that it was all breakfast style dishes. To me, this place seems a little overrated.

Address: No. 53, Jalan SS 22/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 1000 - 2200
                            Friday & Saturday   1000 - 0100
                            Sunday & Public Holiday 1000 - 2200
                            Closed on Mondays

Telephone: +603 7733 2303 

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