Monday, 23 November 2015

Mamu Burger @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

A friend of mine recently started this burger stall and invited me over to give it a try and write a review about his place. In fact, I was quite skeptical initially as I did not want to hurt him with my reviews, nevertheless finally said okay but warned him before hand that I would not give in for any reasons whatsoever and he gladly accepted it. 

The Stall Along Jalan Ketoyong, Tanjung Malim

Located opposite SKTM

Clean and Lovely Stall

Very Organised Too
This place is located along Jalan Ketoyong in Tanjung Malim. Almost close to Kampung Ketoyong and is right opposite Sekolah Kebangsaan Tanjung Malim. It isn't just another ordinary burger stall. It's a concept stall which he had built in front of his house and comprises of one Satay stall, his burger stall and not to forget the famous Jenun Char Kuey Teow... all under one roof. He has surely spent some serious money in doing up the place. Everything was new and the design was splendid. Business starts at 6 pm and goes on till around 2 am, Sunday to Friday. 


Drinks Menu

Teh O Ais @ RM 1.30
The above menu covers items from his burger stall and the drinks stall, both of which belong to him. Prices seemed reasonable as he has included some set meals concept to the common orders. Service is somehow lacking. I believe he is a little understaffed at the moment and kinda get's jittery when the crowd picks up. Something that he needs to work on. The drinks were fast and I got them in less than 5 minutes. The dishes however took more time than they should. The Teh O Ais was good and cheap I felt. This I would rate at 9/10 .

Cream Of Mushroom Soup @ RM 2.50
A bad preparation this was. After all, it was those standard sachet's and all he had to do was to add some hot water and stir them well in which he had clearly failed. They were lumpy and I had to do his job for him. And for this I had to wait close to 40 minutes. Taste wise there's nothing much to comment as this is an off the shelf product but preparation wise, I would only give this 2/10 . Regretted ordering this!

Chicken Burger Set @ RM 6.00

Chicken Burger Set @ RM 6.00

For RM 6.00 , this set came with a Chicken Burger, some fries and salad on the sides. The Burger was good, in fact really good. Salad was just so so and the fries decent. I would rate his Chicken Burger at 9/10 , the Fries at 7/10 and Salad at 6/10 . If I were to return, I would skip the Combo and stick with the burger alone. That is surely recommended!

Hot Dog @ RM 2.50
The moment this was served, I was staring at the dish for a while trying to figure out what in the world he had just served me. Hot Dog should look like Hot Dog and not like a dog split open. One can try to be creative in the kitchen but not kill the dish. This was horrible and was flooded in a mixture of sauces. The bun was too dry and the frankfurters weren't great either. A disaster this was and I would rate this at 1/10 . Not recommended!

Chicken Sandwich Combo @ RM 7.00

Chicken Sandwich Combo @ RM 7.00
This was way better than the last dish yet it still failed to impress me. The bread were too thinly sliced and toasted a tad over. The chicken ham slices didn't stand out either as there had been too many unnecessary ingredients in the sandwich. Another improvisation gone wrong and I would rate this at 5/10 .Not recommended too!

In summary, the only good one here from the dishes that I tried was the plain Chicken Burger. The rest were average to horrible. Would I return? Surely as this guy is my schoolmate nevertheless I would keep it strictly to the burger only. Not willing to be tormented by the rest again. I had also conveyed my review to him in person and he mentioned that he would try to improve. Hopefully he does!

Address: Along Jalan Ketoyong, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1800 - 0200 Sunday's to Friday's
                             Closed on Saturday's

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