Monday, 16 November 2015

Restoran Tai Kee Food Corner @ Kajang, Selangor

With my brother now having moved over to Kajang, he had been doing a little food exploration and discovered this food court that is located in Taman Kajang Indah, very close to Kampung Kwan Tung and is within the Sungai Chua area. As I was in Kajang this evening, he dragged me over to try two of their dishes which in his experience, were excellent. 

The Restaurant Along Jalan Kajang Indah.

A Variety Of  Stalls
Finding this place can be a little tricky. Assuming you are on the road heading to Sungai Chua, right after the KFC, turn left and this would bring you to Taman Kajang Indah nearing Kampung Kwan Tung, Once you are inside the housing estate, you would see a number of food court concept restaurants. This one is located across the open space. I believe that they also use this space for outdoor dining on non rainy days. People tend to park in this space too and this was exactly what we did. There's a decent selection of dishes here. The restaurant operates on two shifts. The first shift starts at 5.30 am and goes on till around 3.30 pm. And the next shift starts at 5.00 pm and goes on till 2.00 am. Both shifts have different set of stalls altogether. This entry is specific to the night shift and specifically two dishes which were truly outstanding. It's not surprising to see most people here ordering very much the same dishes too.

Stall Selling Wan Ton Mee & Fish Head Noodles

Fish Head Noodles @ RM 6.00

So Good It Was

Loved The Broth
The first dish that he recommended was this Fish Head Noodles. Priced at RM 6.00 per bowl, this was sold at the stall photographed above which specialises in Wan Ton Noodles (Kon Low Mee) and this. The dish was just awesome. It came with a generous portion of Fried Fish Head, tomatoes, pickled gherkins and noodles and served in a heavenly broth. It would beat those famous eateries calling themselves as Fish Head Noodle specialists. Absolutely delicious. Everything was just perfect. I would rate this at 9.5/10. Highly recommended!

Grilled Fish Stall

Grilled Stingray @ RM 21.00 + RM 3.00 for vegetables

Oh! It Was So Good!
This is definitely another dish that must not be missed at this food court. In fact it is so famous here that you could see almost all the tables having ordered this. The stall is located outside the restaurant, facing the car park. Run by a couple, they have a variety of fish to choose from. As always, the cut is priced based on the size and to add vegetables, they charge an extra RM 3,00 . Served on Banana Leaf and some thick, spicy gravy, it was amazing. Not too spicy but just perfect. If one would love to add some spiciness, you could always add the Chili Paste provided. As for the vegetables, they comprised of Okra, Tri Angled Beans and some onions. Together, it was a perfect combination. Truly a dish that one has got to try in order to explore how it soothes the taste buds. Highly recommended. I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

If you happened to be in this part of town or passing by, this is a place that is truly worth checking out. The two dishes shown above were so good that the taste still lingers in my mind. Would definitely be coming back again soon.

Address: No. 19G, Jalan Kajang Indah, Taman Kajang Indah, Sungai Chua,
                43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0530 - 0200 Daily


  1. thanks for the excellent review bro, will drop by when I'm in Kajang,
    keep posting more food reviews, you have an vivid reader here, take care cheers
    btw, forgot to ask why your brother moved to Kajang? must be tough for him to be away from you since he's your best eating buddy :) cheers Ganesh Rao, Batu Caves

    1. Thank you Ganesh and it's always a pleasure hearing from you. Yes, a great place not to be missed. Well, he had bought a house in Kajang and have moved there. Guess it's even more convenient now as his place of work is a shorter drive with the relocation. Nevertheless, yes we always do catch up for makan sessions over the weekends. :)

  2. I Must also second, or third, the poster's critique of this food. It looks quite good. Nice and colorful, too.

    1. Thank you for the kind words as well :)