Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Upper East Side Cafe @ Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Unlike my usual posts which is about visits to restaurants, this is a unique one as it is about my recent visit to a Culinary University. Located on the 14th Floor of Times Square, student's of Berjaya University College of Hospitality (School of Culinary Arts) can experience what it is like to work in a live restaurant. Here at this university, there are three restaurants that are open to public and students' can practice their skills based on the agreed format with their lecturers. Of course, this would be done under the supervision of the lecturers and seniors. This afternoon, they were having a Deepavali Luncheon concept and the theme was South Indian Food. 

Upper East Side Cafe At Level 14

Lovely Environment

Their Menu

Contact Information

Menu For The Day

Everything Was Set According To The Books
The place was beautifully decorated for Deepavali and the ambiance was amazing. Seriously, I wouldn't mind bringing clients here for discussions over a meal as the place was so cool and professional. Of course, you get those serious looking students who were in stress as their lecturers were watching them closely and correcting them when necessary. It was fun to observe. Everything had to go by the books and a single mistake, they would be called aside and given a small lecture. As mentioned earlier, the theme for the day was South Indian food and this set that you see here was priced at RM 25.00 . I know that they had printed RM 35.00 in the menu but the price had been altered for the day. Right from the moment we walked in, everything happened by the books and these kids were trying their best to get everything right. That was evident. 

Chapati with Chana (Chick Pea) Masala

Water To Wash My Hands
As the appetiser, they served us Chapati with Chana Masala (Chick Pea and Potato). The presentation was perfect. Of course, cutlery of various sizes and shapes were neatly arranged but being an Indian, I could not resist using my hands and the moment they saw that, one of them brought a bowl with sliced lemon and mint leaves for me to dip my fingers later. I just loved that. Coming back to the Chapati, it was good and I was impressed. It was soft, tasty and the texture was just right. The Chana Masala too was perfect. Just the right quantity for the Chapati. I would rate their Chapati at 9/10 and Chana Masala at 9.5/10 . Loved it!

Thali Meal Set

Thali Meal Set
Next to arrive was the Thali Meal Set. This came with Rice, Sambar, Curd, Rasam, Cucumber in Raita, Beetroot, Spinach, Papadam, Fried Bitter Gourd, Pickled Chili and some Mango Pickles. A great selection of vegetables and sides!

Cucumber Raita

Spinach with Potatoes

Unlike the common cabbage etc., they had given us some quality vegetables. The preparation was lovely. The Raitha was thick and creamy, the spinach was delicious and the beet root was good. I would rate the beet root at 9/10 and the rest at 9.5/10 .



Once again, these too were lovely. The flavours of the Sambar, the improvisations done with the Curd and the simple yet tasty Rasam, all were good. I would rate the Sambar at 8.5/10, the Rasam at 8/10 and the Curd at 9/10. 

Fried Bitter Gourd and Papadam

Pickled Chili and Mango Pickle
The sides were also amazing and they were very fresh. Surely not one of those foldable Papadams. And their presence of mind was great. They had given us a little of each, increased the variety and made a simple meal look great. Who needs quantity when there is a certain limit as to what one can eat at any point in time. Great planning!

Chicken Chettinad Perattal, Semolina Fried Fish and Mutton Perattal

A Closer Look At The Mutton Perattal

Fried Fish Was Coated With Semolina
Another excellent thing to do was to include Chicken, Fish and Mutton as part of the complete set. A little of each, but they were good. The Chicken Chettinad Perattal was lovely. Not too spicy and it had the perfect coat of spices. I would rate this at 8.5/10 . The Semolina Fried Fish wasn't up to my expectations. The fish was fresh and fried to perfection. Nevertheless, the unnecessary coating killed the dish. It would have been better if it was simply coated with masala and deep fried. This I would rate at 3/10 . The Mutton Perattal was again lovely. Small bits of mutton were cooked in a pressure cooker first (to soften the meat) and then added to the masala and it turned out to be lovely. This I would rate at 9/10 . 

Rava Payasam

Rava Payasam
This was a twist from the usual Payasam that we get and it was a winner. Almost like Kesari, but it was still in semi liquid form and was cooked with lots of milk and a dash of cashew nuts. Served hot, it was so addictive and heavenly. I would rate this nothing less than a perfect 10/10. Excellent!

Masala Tea
This was cute and yes.... that was all that we got. But the Masala Tea was excellent! A great way to end a hearty meal. I would rate this at 10/10 .

In conclusion, I am very happy with the meal today. The food was good, service excellent and the ambiance was cosy. I am now thinking of coming more often and explore what they have to offer on other days. Definitely worth paying them a visit!

Address: Level 14 East, Berjaya Times Square, Jalan Imbi,
                55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1200 - 1500 Daily

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