Sunday, 13 November 2016

Dunkin' Donuts @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Unlike my other blog entries, this one ins't about rating the food in Dunkin' Donuts but it is all about creating awareness to the people of Tanjung Malim, Perak that there's a Dunkin' Donuts within this township. Despite being born and bred here, it was only last week that I came to know about the existence of this place. I was looking into Dunkin' Donuts' corporate website and trying to find an outlet near me and that was when I came across this place. This outlet is located along the North South Highway and is attached to the Petronas Station that's within the Ulu Bernam rest area. This rest area is one that many of us from Tanjung Malim go to through the back service road that runs insde one of the oil palm estates and to get here, one has to come via Jalan Changkat Asa and then turn into Kg. Seri Geriang and within 50 meters, you'd see a estate road on your right. Take that road and just follow the path. It is kind of a bumpy ride but that's merely a 1 kilometer stretch before reaching the rear entrance of this rest area. 

Sign At The Petronas Station
Once you have reached the rear of the rest area, park anywhere there and take a short walk towards the Petronas which is another 200 meters away. Do be cautious when walking under the trees as that place is filled with crows and if it just happens to be an unlucky day for you, you might get some crow droppings on your clothing. So, it's best to walk quickly as you pass that short stretch. As you reach the Petronas station, you would be able to see the ablve sign and perhaps even sight the Dunkin' Donuts outlet. 

A Fairly Large Outlet
Attached to the Petronas Station is this Kaya Kopitiam and Dunkin' Donuts outlet. There's a sign stating no photography inside the outlet and so I had to take this picture from outside. The place is quite huge. Beautiful setting with a number of sofa's and even WiFi for customer's convenience. Please do note that this outlet is open daily from 10 a,m till 10 pm. If it's a weekend, do come early before 5 pm as the doughnuts tend to get sold out rather quickly on these days due to the high traffic on the highways. Otherwise, you'd even have them available around 8 pm. 

Single Egg Sandwich @ RM 3.10
If I am not mistaken, it's been almost 15 years since I last had Dunkin' Donuts and so I was really in the mood to try a number of items. The first one that I tried was the above Egg Sandwich. Scarmbled Egg with Mayo, Chili Sauce and Cheese was served with a pair of soft and fluffy buns. Perfect for those looking for a wholesome snack or even breakfast. Definitely one that I enjoyed. 

Chicken Slice and Cheese Sandwich @ RM 9.90
You do have a variety of buns to choose from and for this variety, I decided to go for the croissants. Those that enjoy chicken ham would perhaps enjoy this but for me, it was too simple a sandwich. Perhaps, weight watchers would also enjoy this. Probably wouldn't go for this the next time around. 

Tuna Sandwich @ RM 9.90
Oh yes, the Tuna Sandwich was excellent. Just see the amount of Tuna spread on the bun. This was just fantastic. Each bite was so good that I was just yearning for more. One that I would highly recommend here. 

Buy 9 Free 3 Donuts @ RM 27.90

Buy 9 Free 3 Donuts @ RM 27.90
And finally after such a long time, trying their Doughnuts once again. Prices seem reasonable to be and it is great that they have a variety of packages to choose from. This one was the Buy 9 and Free 3 package which was priced at RM 27.90 . As far as the variety is concerned, you do get a huge variety to choose from. 

So dear friends from Tanjung Malim, in case you are in the mood for some doughnuts when you are back here, please do remember that you can get them at this rest area which is just a mere 10 minutes from town. 

Address: R&R Petronas Ulu Bernam Arah Selatan, Lebuhraya Utara Selatan,
                Hulu Bernam, 35900 Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 

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