Friday, 25 November 2016

Sam Chicken Rice Stall @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Who doesn't love a good plate of Chicken Rice. As far as I can remember, Chicken Rice has been a favourite of mine since my childhood days. Having come across this stall that had just commenced business about a week ago, I just had to give that place a try. Firstly, it was due to my curiosity as a foodie and secondly, it was all for the love of Chicken Rice. 

Sam Chicken Rice Stall in Restoran Kar Kui
Sam Chicken Rice stall is located inside Restoran Kar Kui which is right in the center of town. For those who aren't too sure where that it, this restaurant is located along Jalan Loke Yew, just beside the old Rex Cinema. Business commences at around 11 am daily and this goes on till he is sold out and that is usually between 2.30 pm to 3.00 pm. He doesn't seem like one that specialises in a particular type of meat as his offerings seemed quite basic to me. Anyway, I would never know precisely till I have tasted them. So I ordered a plate of rice and this was to go with some Roasted Chicken, Roasted Pork Belly and Char Siew. 

Yellow Rice
Business was surely good for this guy. People were queuing up to do takeaways and a handful of customers were dining in. Luckily I arrived a little late, almost towards his closing time and he was able to serve me quite swiftly. Coming back to his dishes, the rice that was served was the yellow rice. Good that he does this as I have come across some places that serve white rice which isn't quite right. The flavours were good, though I have tasted better. It was creamy for sure and that proved that he had used a decent amount of margarine but the gingery flavour was missing or perhaps a little too mild to be noticed. Nevertheless, a decent preparation it was and I would give this a 7/10. 

Char Siew
I found his Char Siew to be rather disappointing. Well, the real Char Siew has got a taste of it's own which comes from the meat itself and not the sauces. This one, when tasted on it's own, it was not able to give out any particular taste nor was it even sweet. Only the colour of the meat was pinkish. If not for the sauces, it would have been quite bland. Perhaps I should not expect much from a day to day stall but that's just me. Each food item should be how it's supposed to be and I personally think that it isn't wrong to expect it to be such. Anyway, it is what it is and I would give this preparation a 5/10. 

Roasted Chicken and Roasted Pork Belly
The Roasted Chicken and Roasted Pork Belly (Siew Yuk) were served in a separate plate. Good that this was done as I would not want the base sauces to mix with each other and spoil the taste. 

Roasted Chicken
His Roasted Chicken was nice, definitely better than the earlier BBQ Meat that I had tried. However, I still wasn't fully satisfied. The skin was crispy and good, that surely is all good. The meat however lacked flavours. If the marination had been perfect, than one would even get a very unique taste when chewing the bones and what more at the meat level. This one just didn't have that. It was nice, I am not denying that. It just wasn't as good as it should be. As for this Roasted Chicken, I'd give it a 6/10. 

Roasted Pork Belly
Compared to the three meat varieties that I had tasted today, this Roasted Pork Belly was the best. When I say 'best', I am not denoting that it was excellent. It was just better than the other two. The meat was crispy at the end and the middle body was juicy and tasty. This, I would give it a 7/10. 

Clear Soup with Preserved Vegetables
The clear soup came with preserved vegetables and that's a welcomed addition. It did taste nice, slightly different compared to the ones that we usually get. I would give this a 7/10. 

Chili Paste
Honestly, I don't think he makes his own chili paste as this one tasted just like those bottled ones that we get in the supermarkets. Just in case that he does make this on his own, then he surely has not mastered the art of making this and has got a long way to go. Unless, he's trying to skimp on the ingredients and make it a little watery. Whichever the reason it was, it surely wasn't to my liking and I'd only give this a 5/10. 

In summary, I find this place to be just okay. I'd probably return for his Siew Yuk and not the rest. This isn't because the rest of the items were bad. It's just that I could get better ones within a 1 minute walking distance from his stall. 

Address: Jalan Loke Yew, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 1500 Daily
                             (Closed Two Days in a month)

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