Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Kedai Makanan & Minuman KR Caterers @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

KR Caterers isn't a place that is new to us. Last Deepavali, I had catered from them and the food was excellent and very reasonably priced. This year however, this was handled by my brother since it was his turn to sponsor. Right from placing the orders to finalising the dishes, he handled the whole thing end to end. Pretty much, the dishes that he had ordered were quite similar to last year but the mistake that he did was not to finalise the price. In fact, he did not even discuss the price with them and the final price was only known to me when I went to pay a few days after Deepavali. If you look into my entry from last year, I had mentioned that these guys were at least 30% cheaper then the rest but that was not the case this year. In fact, the final price was a huge surprise to me. I shall discuss more about the pricing towards the end of this entry. Jut a brief background, these people have a small restaurant that only does breakfast business and predominantly, their main income comes from the catering business and they are very much in demand. It would not be wrong to say that now these guy's are the top caterers in town. They are located directly opposite the Petron Station (Old Esso) in Hulu Bernam. It is impossible to miss this place. It is a stand alone wooden structure and is directly facing the Petron station. Many years ago, this shop was run by another family and then it was known as Saravana Vilas. 

With my brother having discussed the deal, all I had to do was to come on the actual day and collect the items. They had asked us if I would be able to supply the containers and to that we agreed. Makes things easier as I would not have to make another trip to return the utensils. Now, let's look at the dishes prepared by them.

Ghee Rice
I never knew that rice alone could taste this good until I tried this. It was absolutely delicious. Rice with ingredients and cooked with lot's of spices, it was a true delight. This was the best Ghee Rice that I have tasted. I have never tasted anything better than this even at those premium restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. just like the year before, I would rate this at 10/10 .

Vegetable Kurma
The Ghee Rice and this Kurma complimented each other so well. Nothing much in terms of add in's but it tasted so good. I could literally live on these two items. For once, Kurma tasted like Kurma and not some watered down curry where I would have to guess that it's Kurma based on the colour. Delicious and I would rate this at 9/10 .

Mixed Vegetable
Their Mixed Vegetable was another good preparation, but it could have been better. Ingredients wise, it had it all but in my opinion, it was slightly overdone. I would still prefer them to be crispy. Tasty, but could have been better for sure. In my opinion, I would rate this at 7/10 .

Ayam Masak Merah
This was an amazing dish. Tender cuts of chicken were mildly fried and then cooked to perfection in that red, sweet and spicy gravy. Just look at the gravy. Mouth watering even when I look at it now. A fantastic preparation and I would rate this at 10/10 .

Mutton Perattal with Potatoes
I just loved the way they prepared this Mutton Perattal. Small cubes of mutton were cooked with lots of marrow and potatoes in a thick and spicy gravy. This was heavenly. Just this and bread would make a fantastic meal. I would rate this nothing less than 10/10 . Excellent!!!

Spicy Prawn Sambal
Another wow dish. I wonder how they are able to consistently cook so many dishes and all turning out to be so good. The dish was spicy, very spicy indeed and came with some very thick paste like gravy. Just the way I love it. And it was finger licking good!!! Imagine peeling out the prawns and just sucking out the spicy gravy from the head. Amazing preparation! I would rate this at 10/10 .

Cuttlefish In Thick Gravy
Goodness!!! This was another heavenly preparation. Not overdone, the cuttlefish were tender and juicy and the gravy.... it was sooooo good. Having added some potatoes to the dish was another excellent thing. Man..... these guys are so good. I would rate this at 10/10 .

Crab Varuval
Last year, I had ordered Crab Masak Lemak, which is very much a Malay dish. For a change, this year my brother had ordered this Crab Varuval. I felt that this was much better compared to the one that we had ordered last year. Taste wise, it was just excellent. The crabs were fresh, juicy and the thick spicy masala coating was like one that was prepared in heaven. So good that I was continuously licking my fingers. Till date, I have not tasted Crab Varuval that is this good and this I say from my vast experience with eateries, both in Malaysia and in India. It would be a shame if I rate this anything less than a 10/10. 

Pretty much, that sums up our Deepavali catering. Nine dishes in total plus Ghee Rice and how much do you think that we were charged per head for these? It was RM 52.00 per pax. Yes, you read it just right. Well, absolutely no complaints about the food, in fact, it was so good that I cannot expect any better. But RM 52.00 per pax for this? It would have been even cheaper if I had catered from a boutique restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. And this is plain cooking charges with the cost of the raw materials. No serving involved and all cutlery were ours. Well, it's a once a year thingy and I don't want to complaint but sharing it here just so that the cost factor is made known to others. Food is good though, and no one can ever say otherwise. If you are willing to spend, I mean really spend for some excellent food, then this is the place. Otherwise, it is always best to discuss the price and finalise it before anything else. 

Address: Jalan Besar Ulu Bernam (Opposite Petron), 35900 Tanjung Malim, Selangor,

Opening Hours: 0800 - 1600 (They are usually open for orders or best to call before going)

Telephone: +6017 238 5562 (Devi)
                    +6017 260 1243 (Yoges) 
                    +6010 380 9011 (Ruban Rao)

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