Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food @ Changi, Singapore

Recently I was in Singapore for a work trip and on my way back, my friend and I decided to have our dinner at the airport. Since it was a pretty long day, we were totally exhausted and were not in the mood to head into the city to look for a good place to have dinner. We knew that we could find a vegetarian Indian restaurant at the airport and as such, boldly returned to Changi Terminal 2. 

The Restaurant In Terminal 2

My Dinner Set
In terms of variety, choices were many but unfortunately, the service levels were floppy. There was almost like no proper system in place Everything seemed to be running haywire and not a single soul had a smile on their face. The restaurant was crowded, mostly with travelers from the Indian subcontinent. Well, being the only Indian Vegetarian restaurant in the terminal, where else can they go. Prices were definitely premium and nowhere was the service levels anywhere close to that. It took them approximately 20 minutes to prepare our meals though they had been mostly prepared and all they had to do was to serve them on a platter.  

Basmathi Rice

Pickled Vegetables
The Basmathi Rice was nice. I wouldn't say that it was fantastic but it was sufficiently tasty. My rating for this shall be 7/10. Their Pickled Vegetables tasted like some rubbery item. Absolutely bland and it wasn't fresh. Chewing it was similar to chewing thin slices of rubber. My rating for this shall be 1/10.  There was some Potato Masala and that was decent. In fact in tonight's meal, that was the saviour. I would rate it at 8/10. The other vegetable was again off and my rating for it shall be 3/10.  

Sweet Curd

Bru Coffee
The Pachai Payiru Curry was again a flop. Tasteless it was and my rating for it shall be 2/10. Their Sweet Curd was nice. I really liked that and for that, I would rate it at 7/10. Finally, we had some Bru Coffee and this was good. My rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Though being a classy Indian Vegetarian restaurant that is located in a world class airport, the food was nowhere close to my expectations. In fact, except for that one item (i.e. Potato Masala) on my platter, the rest were mostly bland and some food items even tasted so chewy and bland like rubber. Service levels were horrible and I pity the travelers who are vegetarians and have no other choice since this is the only vegetarian restaurant at this terminal. Either these guys improve the food or Changi has got to look for some better tenant that can provide value for money dining experience to travelers. I'm definitely not returning to this restaurant again. 

Address: 60 Airport Boulevard #036-056, Viewin Mall South, Terminal Singapore, 2 Airport                      Blvd, Singapore 819643

Business Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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