Monday, 6 August 2018

Hayadon @ Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur

Hayadon is a Halal Japanese fusion restaurant that is located on the 2nd Floor of Wisma Cosway.  They had started sometime towards the end of 2015 and have managed to grow a  decent customer following of their own. It is not like a usual Japanese restaurant. The menu is very different and their main concentration is to bring value for money set meals to their customers. 

The Restaurant on the 2nd Floor, Wisma Cosway
There are many restaurants inside of Wisma Cosway. If you come up using the escalator, you would be able to find these restaurant the moment you step onto the second floor. Floor space isn't huge but somehow they have managed to handle the space management rather well. 

From the menu above, you would have been able to observe that they have a very different kind of offering. Here, their main proposition is to bring a balanced healthy meal to their customers at reasonable prices. It is very much a self service restaurant. Walk up to the counter and place your orders, pay for them and when your order is ready, you would have to pick it up yourself. 

Green Tea (Cold)

Hayadon Soup
I had gone for one of their set meals and as part of the set, I got the above Hayadon Soup as well as a glass of Green Tea. Total wait time from the time of order was somewhat ten minutes and that was quite efficient. Coming back to the drink, you could choose to have cold or hot Green Tea and I had gone for the previous. Their Green Tea was good and it was real Japanese Green Tea. The soup was different as it had lots of veggies in it. Taste wise, not quite like what Miso Soup would taste but it was like a hybrid of that and the regular vegetable soup and to be honest, it did like it. If I were to rate this soup, my rating for it shall be 8/10. 

Grilled Chicken with MG Sauce Set @ RM 14.90
Originally, this dish is supposed to come with white rice and since I had asked them to omit the rice, they had doubles the amount of mashed potatoes. As per the photograph, it was supposed to be fried potatoes but they had told me at the time of the order that they had run out of that and would be serving me mashed potatoes instead. This also came with some MG sauce. The grilled chicken was decent but pretty much tasteless without the dip sauce. Even the dip sauce was a tad too sweet and I would say that it was just so so. The blend of mashed potatoes and steamed beans was again quite bland. Overall, it wasn't something that I had enjoyed and my rating for this dish shall be 4/10 only. 

If you're one that is looking for a balanced healthy Japanese set meal, than you should head to Hayadon Restaurant that is located in Wisma Cosway. Personally, I did not quite enjoy the main course and I found the dish to be quite bland. The Hayadon Soup was good though. Unless you're really counting calories, then this may be the place for you.

Address: Lot 2.38, 2nd Floor, Wisma Cosway, 88, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 0930 - 1830 Monday - Saturday

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