Monday, 22 October 2018

Restoran Kee V @ Kajang, Selangor

As you may have seen from some of my previous blog postings, there are. number of signature dishes  that Kajang is famous for. Of course, we have the Satay on one side but from the Chinese food scene, Kajang is also famous for their Hot Soup, Rice Wine Chicken and Spring Rolls. There are a number of restaurants that specialise in these dishes and Restoran Kee V is one of them. 

The Restaurant In Taman Sepakat Indah
Restoran Kee V can be said to be one of the pioneers that started offering these dishes. They have a number of outlets in Kajang and if I am not mistaken, they have an outlet in Puchong too. This outlet in Taman Sepakat Indah is my favourite since parking is easy here. 

Fried Spring Seafood Rolls @ RM 6.00

Chicken With Wine @ RM 14.50
Their Chicken With Wine is a signature dish and this is very reasonably priced at RM 14.50. I have tried this a number of times and in a number of restaurants that serve this very same dish. However, my preference would be for Kee V as I find their preparation style to be better. The chicken cuts are meaty and they are quite generous with the sauces. My rating for this dish would be 9/10. They were out of their Signature Pork Spring Rolls and we decided to try another version which is made using seafood. This is the first time that I am trying this dish and I was impressed. The filling was so tasty and you would easily get hooked to the flavours. Once again, another one that deserves a 9/10. 

Curry Spare Ribs @ RM 16.00
Not many people have tried this dish but I would boldly say that this is one of the best preparation for this particular dish that I have tasted. Seriously, this was some awesome Spare Ribs Curry. It is so good that I would recommend this over the rest of the dishes that these guys are famous for. 10/10 would be my rating for this. 

Restoran Kee V is famous for some of their signature dishes i.e. Hot Soup, Chicken with Wine and Spring Rolls and these are some Chinese dishes that Kajang is famous for. However, not many people know that Kee V does some awesome Spare Ribs Curry as well, in fact, it was one of the best Spare Ribs Curry that I have tasted. If you're in Kajang, I would recommend giving Restoran Kee V and specifically that dish a try. 

Address: Jalan Wan SIew, Taman Separaat Indah, Sungai Chua, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0930 - 2130 Tuesday - Sunday

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