Saturday, 6 October 2018

Restoran Sabah Fresh Seafood Noodles @ Seri Kembangan, Selangor

As usual, we were looking out for a new place to have dinner. This time, we were in Seri Kembangan and while driving around, we spotted this restaurant called Restoran Sabah Fresh Seafood Noodles. As always, the first thing that I would do is see the crowd and followed by the reviews. Apparently, this restaurant has a couple of signature noodle dishes and it comes with fish that is freshly flown in from Sabah. Well, that's really something that seemed attractive and so we decided to check the place out. 

The Restaurant Located Along Jalan SR 8/4

Good Crowd

Guarantee Of Freshness

The restaurant itself was very clean and nice and do note that smoking is not allowed inside the restaurant. Since they are a Pork Free restaurant, there were quite a number of Muslim customers as well. 

Their Signature dish is the Soup Noodles that comes in two variations. Firstly, with Bittergourd and secondly, with tomato and Ham Choy. The latter is one that is more on the mildly salty side and the previous, as the name states, is bitter. You can also choose the type of noodles that you would like to have and along with that, the fish of your choice. Sunoh, Red Snapper and Sek Pan and the variety of fish that is on offer for this preparation. Of course, they have other dishes as well and there, you would be able to fins Grouper as well. Nevertheless, since these two are their signature dishes, we decided to stick to these and ended up ordering one of each. 

Cutlery & Sauces

Iced Coffee @ RM 2.50
Their Iced Coffee was excellent. A slightly different taste but it was really good. The blend was perfect and the balance of milk and coffee was just nice. My rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Mee Hoon in Bitter Gourd Soup with Red Snapper @ RM 20.00

Mee Hoon in Tomato & Ham Choy with Red Snapper @ RM 20.00
For both the dishes, we went for Mee Hoon in terms of the type of noodles. The first one which is the one that comes with bitter gourd was rather bland. In fact, it should have had a little more salt.The soup itself was not quite up to my expectation. I am one who loves bitter gourd but this was just not quite there. I would probably rate this at 7/10. The other one that came with tomato and Ham Choy was awesome. This truly had some very unique flavours that we both enjoyed. And the Red Snapper was so fresh and tasty. I would rate the latter at 9/10. The chili paste that was provided was super spicy and I really loved it. 10/10 for that. 

For fresh seafood noodles, I would recommend visiting Sabah Fresh Seafood Noodles that is located in Seri Kembangan. Their signature dish would be the Tomato & Ham Choy Soup Noodles which comes with a choice of Red Snapper, Sunoh and Sek Pan. We tried the one with Red Snapper and it was super good. Excellent flavours and the fish was extremely fresh. Do note that their fish is flown in from Sabah and this is a Pork Free restaurant. The Bitter Gourd Noodle Soup with Red Snapper was decent too.

Address: No. 35, Jalan SR 8/4, Taman Putra Indah, Seri Kembangan 43300 Selangor.

Business Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 0900 - 1430 & 1700 - 2200 

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