Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hakka Yuen @ Cheras, Selangor

I was informed by some of my friends that there is this place in Taman Cheras which serves really authentic Hakka food and that you cannot get food as authentic as this elsewhere. That statement really caught my attention and I have always bookmarked this place as one of my must do places and today was the day that I got the chance. I am completely not familiar with Cheras but with the help of Mr. Garmin, my wonderful GPS, I was able to locate this place without errors though it was really a long drive from my place.

Hakka Yuen Restaurant in Taman Cheras

The Entrance to the Restaurant

The restaurant was set amidst a row of shops and the entire place seemed like a spiral of buildings to me. The entrance which had glass walls were stuck with various stickers which highlights the various promotions that they have to offer. 

The Interior of the restaurant

The Interior of the Restaurant
The restaurant somehow seemed odd to me and there was no commercial sense in it. Once inside, it smelled very herbal and there were loads of newspaper cuttings put up on the walls. Somehow, it emanated a sense of being in a temple to me which is odd but that was how I felt. Then came the boss, a very nice gentleman who is very fond of cracking jokes with customers and he did the same with us too. Generally a nice man and then I finalised the orders with him after going through the menu. True enough, their menu is unique so much so those dishes are not commonly found in other commercial Hakka restaurants. Every other guest who were here this afternoon seemed to be like the usual bunch that visits and everyone knew everyone by first name. Then came an old couple, perhaps in their 80's. The Old man looked like the bosses father and he was assisted by his wife. They walked past us and they both greeted us and thanked us for coming here this afternoon and that really touched my heart. Wow....this gratitude is not something you get in a commercial restaurant and I was totally impressed by the very local gesture that emanated from this restaurant. 

Coca Cola @ RM 2.50

Chinese Tea @ RM 0.50
We ordered two Coca Colas which came at RM 2.50 each and two Chinese Tea's which came at RM 0.50 each which I felt was quite reasonable. 

White Rice @ RM 1.50 (Big) and RM 1.00 (Small)
As per the above, we had four plates of white rice of which two were large and two small. The large one comes at RM 1.50 each and the small one at RM 1.00 each. 

Hakka Traditional Mutton Soup @ RM 36.00

Closer Look at the Mutton Soup
Well, the first dish to arrive today was the above Hakka Traditional Mutton Soup. This was the small portion and it came at a price of RM 36.00 . The soup was extremely unique and it was even more herbal than Bak Kut Teh. That being said, it even turned off my dad who is a mutton lover but I being someone who enjoys traditional cuisine, really loved this. There was a split decision among us in the table but I shall be writing solely based on my experience. I feel that this is a really unique and authentic dish and is only suitable for those who are really into traditionally prepared dishes. Not for those people who are into commercial Chinese dishes which sometimes has an altered taste to suit every race. The broth was really thick and had a very strong scent of herbs. It came loaded with Tofu, Fuchok and Mutton. Even the Mutton tasted different as it had absorbed the soup really well. I, would rate this dish at 10/10 but I am not sure that you would rate it the same unless you are a true fan of authentic Hakka food. 

Deep Fried Pork with Dark Soya Sauce @ RM 20.00
Well, this again was another dish of Pork Belly and it came with loads of Yam in the dish which was really good. The preparation method was really good and it was filled with goodness. The pork was also lovely, soft and juicy the way it should be. I would again rate this dish at 9.5/10 .

Claypot Stewed Soya Bean & Yong Tau Foo @ RM 20.00

Packed with Home Made Yong Tau Foo

The Stuffed Tofu was also great
Another unique dish that I have not tasted anywhere. I am a frequent visitor to Ipoh Road Hakka Yong Tau Foo which I think is good and unique but this was something else all together. The soup for one was very unique and again it had a very herbal base. Above that, there were loads of Soya Beans in this dish which added an extra punch to the dish. The Yong Tau Foo themselves were clearly homemade and handmade as each piece had a unique shape and size but with a standard taste across all the pieces which was really great. This again may not be preferred by those who are not able to tolerate authentic food but for me, it was really good. Once again, I would rate this dish at a perfect 10/10 and I think it was worth the RM 20 paid for this dish. 

Fried Yau Mak @ RM 12.00
My parents did not quite like this dish but being a Bak Kut Teh lover, this is my most preferred side dish and I found it to be quite good here. The leaves were really fresh and even after cooking, they were crispy. The Soy Sauce was filled with Garlic which infused the taste and added a great lot to the taste but you could only appreciate this dish assuming you liked it in the first place. If this was your first attempt at this dish, then chances are, you may not like it. I for one, loved it and would rate this at 9/10 . 

Steamed Siakap @ RM 45.00
This was a fantastic dish as was loved by everyone at the table. Let me warn you that the base sauce is extremely spicy and it goes really well with the fish which is dressed with nothing but chilies. Even with the fish done, I for one continued to drink the base sauce until it was completely cleared. I do not think that this dish is expensive for the price charged because the size of the fish was really decent and the taste was excellent. I think that anyone who loves steamed fish and loves spicy food would love this dish and being a fan of both, I would rate this at a perfect 10/10 . In fact I would advocate that this is one of the best steamed fish that I have tried. Let me reiterate my statement that it is one of the best and not the best as Lan Je also does serve great steamed fish but that is a different recipe all together. Generally without getting into the details, this is a must try dish here. 

Overall, from my visit today, I would agree that this restaurant does have some great food to offer and I am sad that they have not got the relevant recognition from the general public in terms of support for what they deserve. Nevertheless, let me say again that the food here is only for true authentic lovers as the rest may be turned off by the authenticity of the taste which can work for them and against them. Having understood this, for true lovers of Hakka food, this is definitely a must try place. 

Address: No. 20, Jalan Kas Kas 3, Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 9133 3115

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1500 & 1700 - 2030 Daily


  1. below average restaurant. Food below average. Hygiene totally fail, as the rice put in front of toilet. and service was bad,

    1. I'm so sad for your bad experience. And yes, any food placed near the toilets is just not acceptable. Also sad to hear that the quality has dropped.