Friday, 9 August 2013

The Ship @ Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

This evening I was in the mood to head over to The Ship for some Lamb Chops. I have been patronising this  restaurant now for the past 35 years and over the years their quality has dropped and now it is very much dependent on the outlet. I have more or less written off their outlet at Pertama Kompleks as the quality has really gone down the drains. This particular outlet which is the closest for me has not been consistent in quality over the past few years but I am hoping that I would get a decent Lamb Chop tonight. As I do not eat beef and since Lamb is my favourite, that is my usual choice of meat whenever I come here.

The Ship at Damansara Utama

They were full house tonight
Tonight, they were operating full house and they have added more tables on the floor than they should have. Everyone could almost here each others conversation and the distance from one table to another was merely a foot away. Well, with that being said, I was fortunate to have found one last vacant table which was supposed to seat two. All the staffs seemed a little overstretched tonight but they still kept their smile. Nevertheless, the stress could be clearly visible on their faces. 

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
The menu was mostly the same but recently they have added some Chinese dishes too which was a surprise to me. They have always been branded as a Western Restaurant and drastically altering their menu this way may change their branding over time or perhaps thats the direction they are heading towards to. My orders were always the same and so it was not difficult at all. Within minutes, I was settled with the ordering process.

Bread & Butter
This was a major disappointment. The bread was really dry and flaky and the butter was frozen. The bread which was supposed to be hot was also very cold. How do they expect us to eat this when the butter is frozen and the bread cold and breaking into flakes as you try to cut through it. I would only rate this at 1/10 . Absolutely unacceptable. 

Nescafe @ RM 6.90
The coffee was decent. Although it is expensive for such a small cup, nevertheless for the place I think it is fine. It was served black but creamer and sugar were provided. I would rate their coffee at 7/10 .

Tomato Soup @ RM 7.90
The Tomato Soup came shortly. This was good and I really liked it. It was very well prepared and at just the right concentration. I would rate this Tomato Soup at 9/10 .

Grilled Lamb Chop @ RM 41.90

Mint Sauce
There is so much to say about the above dish but let me start with the Mint Sauce. When you have Lamb Chop, it has to be with Mint Sauce and they did not provide it until I asked for it. Finally when it arrived, it would have been more appropriate to call it Mint Water instead. Absolutely diluted and tasteless so much so I just put it aside and went for the Chili Sauce. Next the lamb itself, it was terribly prepared. Today was one of those days when the quality was off. I literally had to force myself to finish it and although I really love lamb, I had to leave one whole cutlet because I was feeling nauseated while trying to force it through. I think, as far as the Lamb is concerned, I should completely write off The Ship and go to Windmill instead which has always up'ed the bar as far as quality was concerned. A total disappointment and waste of money. I would only rate the above at 4/10 .

Opening Hours
As mentioned earlier, I was completely turned off by the quality that was presented to me today and I guess I am going to have to avoid this place going forward and probably dine at other places. I guess their Steak's must still be good and that is why it is drawing so much crowd.Nevertheless, for me this is a no go anymore.

Address: No. 37 - 43, Jalan SS 21/56 B, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Telephone: +603 7728 8020 

Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday 1200 - 0000
                           Saturday 1200 - 0100

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