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CFC (California Fried Chicken) @ Depok Town Square Mall, Depok

California Fried Chicken, also known as CFC, is a homegrown brand that opened it's first outlet in Jakarta in 1983. This was started by three Indonesians who wanted to introduce the taste of Pioneer Chicken to their homeland that they had enjoyed during their stay in California while attending the University of Southern California. Today they have roughly 183 outlets nationwide. Their main competitors in Indonesia are KFC and Texas Fried Chicken. Today I am visiting their outlet that is located in Depok Town Square Mall which is in Depok, a town just outside of South Jakarta. 

CFC Outlet in Depok Town Square Mall

CFC Outlet in Depok Town Square Mall

Their Logo

Posters on the Wall
This particular mall isn't as big as the one opposite it as this is the older one and was built sometime ago. The layout of all CFC outlets are quite standard and despite trying to reproduce the American flavour in the fried chicken, the serving style and combination is quite Indonesian in culture.

Ordering At The Counter

Combo Sets

Ala Carte Menu

Ala Carte Menu

Ala Carte Menu

Ala Carte Menu

Kind Meal Sets
Most of their sets come with White Rice which is a must in Indonesia. Besides that, you also get local items like Sate, Pekedel (Potato Cutlets), Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and Noodles. Just like any other fast food outlet, ordering is done at the counter. Do note that they do not provide fork and knife here as everyone is expected to use their hands to eat.

The Kids Meal Fun Set 3 @ IDR 20,000.00
This is the kids set which comes with a piece of Fried Chicken, a small packet of rice, one apple flavoured tea and a small toy. It is good strategy to include a small toy in all the kids meal sets. 

Combo Set 5 @ IDR 36,818.00
This is another Combo Set that comes with a Californian Burger, Fries and a drink. The drink options here are limited to around 5 different drinks only.

The Fries
Their Fries were just okay to me. Definitely better than KFC, but not as good as Mc Donalds and Texas Fried Chicken. I would rate their fries at 5.5/10 only.

Californian Burger

The Burger Unwrapped

A Closer Look
Well, there was nothing much in their burger. It should have had some vegetables but they ran out of it. So it was just a thin slice of Fried Chicken Burger, a slice of tomato and the buns. To me, it was very average in taste. If you're hungry, then it would go down but if you're looking for taste, then this may not be too great a choice. I would only rate this at 5.5/10 .

2 Pieces Original Fried Chicken @ IDR 24,545.00

Closer Look at the Fried Chicken
You have a choice of choosing the part that you would prefer and I went with drumsticks as I am not so used to eating in fast food restaurants without a fork and knife and didn't was to mess my fingers. The fried chicken was decent but not exciting. The flour coating seemed rather bland to me. It definitely was better than the Fried Chicken in KFC or A&W but once again Texas Fried Chicken or Mc Donalds Fried Chicken would have been my preference over this. I would rate their Fried Chicken at 6.5/10 .

Overall, the service was quite good and very efficient but to me, the food was rather ordinary. The prices were quite acceptable though although it is on the high side when compared against general Indonesian food.

Address: Ground Floor, Depok Town Square Mall, Jalan Margonda Raya 1, 
                Depok, Jawa Barat, 16424 Indonesia.

Opening Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily

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