Monday, 23 December 2013

Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) @ Bandar Manjalara, Kuala Lumpur

Pizza Hut is a common restaurant that is preferred by all Malaysians. Though I have been going around trying different cuisines at various restaurants, it has indeed been sometime that I ordered a Pizza. Today for a change, I decided to try out Pizza Hut. I think the last I had this was more than a year ago.

Pizza Delivered To My Place
I never realised that they had changed their number and I was calling Pizza Hut's old number and that was when I was advised that Pizza Hut no longer delivers to my zone and I had to place my orders at PHD which is a sister company. Their menu and offerings differ slightly. I then called 1300 88 2525 and placed my orders. Since I was alone, I wanted to have the Personal Pan only but then was advised that for delivery, there has to be a minimum amount of RM 20 worth of orders for them to deliver. I then added some sides and the bill came to RM 22.45. With that, I was told that the pizza would be sent within 30 minutes. I was amused with their confidence on the waiting time but in my mind, I had thought that it would be slightly longer as it was raining heavily and the traffic was quite bad.

Hawaian Chicken @ RM 9.80

Juicy Chunks of Pineapple 
To  my surprise, the pizza was delivered in 28 minutes as promised. This is definitely great customer service. The pizza was delivered hot just the way it is served at their restaurants. Pizza Huts pizza's are of good standards but they should not be compared to those specialty Pizza restaurants with Italian chefs. For a fast food chain, I would say that their Pizza's are quite decent. The ingredients and good, fresh and sufficiently good for mid tier pizza's. The Hawaian Chicken pizza came with good amounts of chicken chunks, pineapple and cheese toppings. I would rate the above pizza at 7/10 .

Spicy Chicken Fingers (8 pcs) @ RM 7.90

Spicy Chicken Fingers
This was definitely a fantastic dish. I don't think that Pizza Hut could have come up with this dish if not for their backing from Ayamas which is now owned by the same group.It has been a long time since I had a Chicken Fingers which is this good. Definitely highly recommended and I would rate this at 9/10 .

Garlic Bread Delivered in Aluminium Foil

Garlic Bread @ RM 3.50

Closer Look
The Garlic Bread from Pizza Hut is always good and is one of my favourite Garlic Breads. It has a good amount of garlic spread and is deliciously hot and soft. For the price of RM 3.50, this is definitely very good quality. I would rate this at 9/10 .

The Bill
On the whole, I am very satisfied with the meal today. I think that they are a good mid tier Pizza restaurant selling affordable pizza's to the masses. Definitely worth using their services every once in a while.

Address: No.1, First Floor, Jalan 3/62A, Bandar Manjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +603 6272 0239

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