Friday, 24 March 2017

Ipoh Market Street @ Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

Having heard that a new outlet had opened in Avenue K that mainly sells Ipoh food, I made it a point to visit them within the few weeks from the time that they had opened. Apparently this is a branch of a famous restaurant that hails from Market Street, Ipoh and they had been in business in Ipoh since 1980. 

Ipoh Market Street At Upper Concourse Level

Very Crowded During Lunch
This restaurant is located on the Upper Concourse Level of Avenue K Mall. Being rather new, business was very good and the place was packed with customers. I had to wait a while before being allocated a table. 

Their Menu brought many of the famous dishes from Ipoh under one roof. Well, this is one of those premium malls and it's no surprise that their prices would be slightly on the high side. Nevertheless, it still seemed rather affordable to me and being in Ampang, this still would qualify as a day to day restaurant. Just like most cafe's, you'd have to write down your orders on a chit that is provided and then hand it over to the waiter who would then again confirm your orders before keying it into the system. 

Ipoh White Coffee @ RM 3.50
Their Ipoh White Coffee was not as good as the one that you would get in Ipoh. This seemed like those instant 3 in 1 coffee that comes in sachets. Nevertheless, still acceptable quality and I would rate this at 7/10. 

Ipoh Pulut Kaya @ RM 5.90
This was one of my favourites and must haves as a child. Whenever we were visiting Ipoh, it's mandatory to have this for breakfast. This preparation lived up to it's name. The Pulut was very good and the Kaya was heavenly! Highly recommended one to order here. I would definitely give this 9/10. 

Market Street Steamed Chicken @ RM 10.90
This Steamed Chicken dish was quite disappointing. In fact, my friend and I (both being Perakians) were jokingly saying that this chicken had not gone anywhere close to Ipoh and probably not even crossed the border town of Tanjung Malim. The meat was stiff and it wasn't fresh. Even the skin tasted weird. The accompanying Chili & Garlic Paste too was a let down. I would only give this 6/10. 

Market Street Dry Curry Mee @ RM 11.90
This version of Dry Curry Mee wasn't very similar to the one's that we get in Ipoh. However, I enjoyed the dish. The blend of thick curry and noodles was so good. The Chili Paste too was excellent. I have already mentioned about their Steamed Chicken and so it would not make sense to repeat it here. Their Siew Yuk was decent too. As an overall dish, I loved the flavours! Yes, another dish worth trying here. Rating wise, I'd give it 9/10. 

Market Street Chicken Hor Fun @ RM 10.90
The main thing that would decide if this dish makes it or fails is the soup and in this case, the soup failed miserably. Though I would agree that they were generous with the ingredients, the soup tasted so bland and flat. A major let down! I would give this a 4/10. 

From the dishes that I had tried today, I would say that it was selectively good. We had four dishes and out of that, two were excellent and two were quite bad and that's quite a contrast between them in terms of taste. I had also checked their Facebook page and the feedback was almost similar. So, I am not alone. I hope that they do read these feedback and do the needful. 

Address: UC - 3, Upper Concourse Level, Avenue K Shopping Mall, 
                156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0800 - 2200 Daily

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