Saturday, 9 September 2017

Restoran Bala's Banana Leaf @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Another South Indian restaurant that had started not too long ago in Bangsar is Bala's Banana Leaf. Located in the congested area of Lucky Garden, this restaurant has managed to make a name for itself and has a steady flow of loyal customers. 

Bala's Banana Leaf Along Lorong Ara Kiri 1

Outdoor Seating Area

Curries Station
This restaurant is located along the same row as TLC Supermarket. Parking is an issue here but if you try driving along the houses, then you should be able to find a spot to work. Nevertheless, it's still quite a walk. The set up is posh, very typical of what you would find in an upscale community like Bangsar and they have both indoor and outdoor seating areas. Service is speedy and each waiter is responsible for a table.He would take the orders, serve you and is responsible for the billing as well. 

Banana Leaf Rice Meal @ RM 8.00 + Iced Water @ RM 0.50
Their Banana Leaf Rice Meal is priced at RM 8.00 and it comes with Rice, free flow of curries, four vegetables, pickles, Moor Milagai, Appalam and Rasam. My drink was a glass of Iced Water and this was priced at fifty cents a glass. For that kind of spread, RM 8.00 is cheap for Bangsar. And the same for the drink as well. 


The selection of vegetables were good and they were prepared reasonably well. They had in fact wanted to serve me a larger portion of vegetables and it was I that had stopped them as I did not want to waste. That itself shows that the management does not restrict the waiters from serving larger portions. This is the total opposite of some very famous Banana Leaf Rice restaurants that serve limited portions and charge you for refills. I loved the way the veggies were prepared and my rating for these shall be 8/10. Their Rasam was good as well. Generous with the spices and it did taste good. This too shall get a 8/10 from me. 

Fish Curry

Both the curries that I tried this evening was excellent. Their Fish Curry had a lovely blend of flavours and their Sambar came with lots of vegetables. Both deserve a rating of 8/10. 

Mutton Perattal @ RM 10.60
I had also ordered a plate of Mutton Perattal and this was priced at RM 10.60 . Portion wise, I felt that it was a little expensive. The cuts were fatty too but the gravy was delicious. Still, I felt that it was overpriced. Perhaps I would try some other meat dish the next time. My rating for this preparation shall be 7/10. 

My Bill
If you're looking for a good vegetarian Banana Leaf Rice Meal, than Bala's Banana Leaf does offer some good deals. They are very generous with the vegetables and their curries are pretty good. On the contrary, I felt that their meat dish was slightly pricey. Service levels are exceptionally good and the ambience is lovely. Definitely a place that I wouldn't mind coming back. 

Address: No. 25, Lorong Ara Kiri 1, Lucky Garden, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours: 0800 - 0000 Daily

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