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Restoran Busy Corner @ Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

This is a  restaurant that is very famous for the Claypot Chicken Rice. I last visited this place sometime in the year 2014  and was very impressed with the food. Having had a guest from India who had wanted to taste the culinary variety that we have in Malaysia, I decided to bring him here since this is something that he would never get in India. 

The Restaurant In Damansara Jaya

Price List

Price List
It is quite easy to locate this restaurant. They are located along the same row as Petronas as they are open from 11 am till 2.30  pm for lunch and then again from 5.00 pm till 9.30 pm for dinner. It's just a simple restaurant but you would be impressed by the crowd that adjourns itself there on a daily basis. I usually prefer coming here for dinner since during the day, parking can be a challenge around this area. 


Peanut & Chicken Feet Soup @ RM 6.00
One thing that I got to forewarn you is that not to expect much of a reception here. Service is speedy but no one smiles at any of the customers. Even when you pay, the interaction can seem a little tense. Don't worry as it is not about you. That is how they are and have been all these years. Cooking will take a while since it is prepared the traditional way using charcoal stoves. Despite the waiting time being slightly longer, rest assured the food is definitely good. They have a variety of soups to choose from and we went for their Peanut & Chicken Feet Soup. This is the steamed soup variety (not boiled) and is made with quality herbs and ingredients. Each is priced at a reasonable RM 6.00 and taste wise, I felt that it was pretty good. My rating for this shall be 9/10. 

Claypot Prawn Rice @ RM 17.00

Thoroughly Stirred Up 
Claypot Prawn Rice is one of the top sellers at this restaurant. Being a dish that is rare to find, they prepare this in a unique method so much so, even the base paste is different to the Chicken Rice. Be sure to thoroughly mixed it up before consuming. Otherwise, the paste would be unevenly distributed and you wouldn't be able to enjoy the dish. The shrimps used are quite large and they were fresh and juicy. The taste of the rice is so unique that you would not have tasted anything similar to this. A must try dish at this restaurant. May seem a little pricey but it's totally worth it. My rating for this shall be 10/10. 

Claypot Chicken Rice @ RM 8.00

Salt Fish Served Seperately
The other must try dish here would be their Claypot Chicken Rice which is priced at RM 8.00 . If you add Taiwanese Sausages, then they charge a Ringgit more for that. Salt Fish is served separately and customers could add to adequately to suit to their taste buds. Another excellent preparation that we enjoyed. My rating for this shall be 8/10. 

For some good Claypot Chicken Rice, my recommendation would be to visit Restoran Busy Corner that is located in Damansara Jaya. Besides this, their Claypot Prawn Rice is another top seller and it has some very unique flavours which is so tasty. Steamed Soup varieties are also highly sought after at this restaurant. All dishes are prepared using traditional methods and cooked on charcoal stoves. Slightly pricey but it is totally worth it. In fact, the crowd that you see all day long would assure you that this restaurant does offer some amazing food. 

Address: No. 83, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 1100 - 1430 & 1700 - 2130 (Closed On Wednesdays)

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