Monday, 15 January 2018

Restoran D' Hainan Kitchen @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Restoran D' Hainan Kitchen is another relatively new restaurant that had recently started in Cyberjaya. This restaurant is located in CBD 2 and is just a few doors away from the famous Salam Noodles. 

Restoran D' Hainan Kitchen in CBD 2, Cyberjaya
This restaurant specialises in Hainanese Cuisine and is Halal certified. Besides ordering from the main kitchen, during lunch hours, you could also pick up some local cakes from the outer kitchen which is located near their entrance. The set up is quite posh and the entire restaurant is air-conditioned. 

Cucur Udang & Fried Popiah
We decided to try some of their cakes and we choose Fried Popiah and Cucur Udang. I must say that both were pretty decent. They were not greasy and even the dip sauce was tasty. My rating for these shall be 8/10. 

Roasted Chicken Rice Set @ RM 8.80

Roasted Chicken

Clear Soup
Their Roasted Chicken Rice set was not bad. The Rice had a lovely aroma and it tasted reasonably good. My rating for their rice shall be 8/10. Similarly, their Roasted Chicken was decent too. The only setback was that I found it to be a little on the dry side. It would have been better if the chicken was juicy. I would rate their Roasted Chicken at 7/10. Their Clear Soup was just okay. For me, it definitely needed a little more flavours. I would rate this at 6/10. 

Kuey Teow Soup @ RM 8.90

Marmite Chicken with White Rice @ RM 8.80
Their Kuey Teow Soup came in a pretty huge portion and is good to feed a heavy eater. Flavours wise, it was quite decent and I loved the mix of ingredients. My rating for this shall be 7/10. Their Marmite Chicken with Rice was good. The Chicken chunks were fresh but they could have been a little more generous with the marmite. My rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Steamed Chicken Wantan Mee @ RM 7.90

Clear Soup with Dumplings
Their Wantan Mee was definitely good. They were quite generous with the sauces and the egg noodles were tasty. Their Steamed Chicken was also way better when compared to their Roasted Chicken. I would rate this at 8/10. Their dumplings in clear soup was just okay for me and I would rate that at 6/10. 

Our Bill
For Halal Wantan Mee, D' Hainan Kitchen would be a good choice. Even their Chicken Rice was decent and for the set up, I find their prices to be reasonable. Worth visiting if you happen to be in Cyberjaya. 

Address: 4806-0-09, CBD Perdana 2, Jaalan Perdana, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0800 - 1800 Daily

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