Sunday, 14 January 2018

Restoran Nasi Kukus Famosa @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Restoran Nasi Kukus Famosa is a restaurant that had recently started in CBD Perdana 2, Cyberjaya. This restaurant specialises in the Nasi Kukus variety. Despite being very close to my office, I only managed to visit them this afternoon for lunch.  

The Restaurant In CBD 2, Cyberjaya

A Very Posh Set Up
This restaurant is located directly behind Restoran Salam Noodles and they are open from 7 am till 10 pm daily. The entire set up is very posh and overall, it has such a cosy ambiance. Weather you are here for a quick meal or to have a business discussion, the place is just perfect. The entire feel here is like walking in to a 4 or 5 star hotel and the staffs are a class above any day to day restaurant. 

Nasi Kukus With Fried Chicken
The offering is not limited to the above They have a huge variety to choose from right from poultry, meat and even seafood. Even the variety of vegetables that they have were quite impressive. Prices aren't the usual and that is only natural since they operate an upscale restaurant. 

Stir Fried Okra and Sambal Belacan

Chicken Gravy
I went for their Stir Fried Okra and I absolutely loved it. They were very generous with the ingredients and the veggie was not overdone. It was still crispy and taste wise it was one that I totally enjoyed. My rating for this shall be 9/10. Similarly, their Sambal Belacan was a class of it's own. It was such a potent preparation that it literally stings. This deserves a perfect 10/10. I went for some Chicken Curry and again, this was simply amazing. Rich with spices and the gravy was thick and concentrated. 9/10 would be my rating for this. 

Fried Chicken
Another one that we very much enjoyed is their Fried Chicken. It was deep fried to a golden brown perfection leaving the skin crispy and the meat juicy. This is one that would put many of those famous Fried Chicken joints to shame. Absolutely loved it and my rating for this shall be 9/10. 

Restoran Nasi Kukus Famosa is definitely a place that serves some amazing food. The ambiance is wonderful, very helpful and attentive waiters and excellent food. Prices are slightly premium but you get some really delicious food that is not easy to get these days. If you're looking for a good restaurant to have the Nasi Kukus variety in Cyberjaya, then my recommendation would definitely be for Nasi Kukus Famosa. 

Address: 4807-0-15, CBD Perdana 2, Persiaran Flora, Cyber 12, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 0700 - 2200 Daily


  1. Amazing nasi lemak in town.Sambal semuanya sedap2..Sambal sotong,sambal ikan bilis,ayam kampung,rendang ..di dapur sendiri pun belum tentu dapat rasa macam ni.

  2. 3 hari makan di sini, tak jemu2...daging salai masak lemak, awesome....