Friday, 4 May 2018

Chill X Cafe @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Chill X Cafe is a cafe that is located inside the MaGIC building in Cyberjaya. I was here for an early meeting this morning and it ended at around 10.00 am. I have dined here before and absolutely love the food here. Having been here this morning, I did not want to miss the chance of having some great breakfast. 

Entrance To The Cafe

Teh O Ais @ RM 1.50
As always, they had an excellent spread for breakfast. I had chosen my dishes and ordered my drink. Do note that this is a self service cafe and you are expected to even return the plates to a designated tray and dump the trash in the bin. The ambiance here is one that is very conducive.It's great to even have business discussions. Coming back to today's orders, their Teh O His was good as always and reasonably priced at RM 1.50 . My rating for this drink shall be 8/10. 

My Breakfast @ RM 8.00
I went for some Fried Noodles, Ayam Sambal, Sambal Petai with Shrimps and an omelette and this lot cost me RM 8.00 . Still a very acceptable rate for Cyberjaya. Moreover, when the food is good, you won't mind paying. 

Fried Noodles

Sambal Ayam

Sambal Petai with Shrimps
All the items that I had selected were good. Their Fried Noodles were perfectly done, it wasn't too spicy or bland and the flavours were good. Similarly, their Sambal Petai with Shrimps was excellent and so was their Sambal Ayam. The omelette wasn't too greasy as well. My rating for the other three items wold be 9/10. 

For good Malay Style breakfast and lunch in Cyberjaya, Chill X Cafe would be one of my favourite destinations. The food is good, excellent spread and prices are reasonable. Not forgetting the lovely ambiance as well. A highly recommended cafe in Cyberjaya. 

Address: MaGIC Building, 3730 Persiaran APEC, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 0700 - 1700 (Closed on Weekends) 

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