Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gulai Kambing Warung Ridha Ilahi @ Banda Aceh, Indonesia

This is another interesting place to try the famous Acehnese Mutton Curry. Being located on Jalan Tgk Chik Ditiro opposite Gedung Sosial, this restaurant is nothing but a shop in a wooden structure and zinc roof. It is attached together with another 3 restaurants selling similar food but this one sells the best. This restaurant has been here for the past 30 years. Right in front on the porch, the mutton is cooked in a mega big wok. I was told that in a single day, they slaughter up to five goats and all is sold out in a mere four hours.

Cooked Mutton Curry
Simple Layout
The specialty here is that the curry is added with various spices and cooked with grated coconut instead of coconut milk and then diluted perfectly with water. The mutton curry is also cooked with all the spare parts of the goat. You cannot choose your preferred meat cuts here as it is bundled together in a package.

Lunch is Served
My friend placed the orders while we waited. We were here early and that is why the place is quite vacant. Crowd starts coming in by 11.30 am and by 3 pm, all is sold out. Service here is pretty fast. The only setback is that it is quite hot inside.

Pickled Mutton
This was like a side dish and it was really good. Though it looks dry, it was extremely spicy.

Acehnese Mutton Curry
When this dish first arrived, it did looked weird to me but the taste was extremely good. The curry was awesome and the mutton was soft and tender. Loved it!

Cucumber Juice
This is a famous drink here.I was told that it is customary to have this drink here as it is believed that it washes away the cholesterol. I don't really know how true this is but it definitely was refreshing and nice.

Remaining Spare Parts
Well as you can see from the above photo, I cleared the curry off the plate, literally but there were these few parts that I just could not eat, however I tried to force myself.Generally, this place is a must try when you are in Banda Aceh. The total meal for three of us only cost us RM 4 in equivalent Malaysian Ringgit. Definitely worth it!!!

Address: Jalan Tgk Chik Ditiro (Opposite Gedung Sosial),
                Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 1500 (Daily)

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