Saturday, 2 March 2013

Restoran Kong Mah @ Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, Sungai Buloh

This place is surely a hidden gem. Serving excellent Dim Sum, they are located in Sungai Buloh New Village. The moment I got to know of this place's existence this afternoon, immediately I decided that I must head there tonight.

The Restaurant in Sg. Buloh New Village
All Steaming is done outside

Inside The Restaurant

Inside The Restaurant

Fried Dim Sum
 Finding this place is pretty easy. I have provided a map which was taken from the business card right at the bottom of this entry and you cannot go wrong with it. There is both outdoor and indoor seating area at this restaurant. Let me assure you that it is much cooler to sit inside than outside. The steaming of the dumplings is also done outside and that must surely contribute to the heat.

Once we were seated, we were immediately attended to. Trays after trays of steamed and fried Dim Sum was brought to us and then we had to pick our items. I have been to a number of Dim Sum joints in Kuala Lumpur including the famous Mee Bon in Ipoh Road and I have never seen so much variety in my life.

This place definitely has a great variety of Dim Sum. I was told that during peak hours, we need to wait for almost an hour to get a table. There was just the three of us and there was a limit to what we could eat. Still, if you see by the number of plates from the bottom photographs, what we had was a mere 10% of what they offered here. There were loads of other excellent and rare Dim Sum items here. The thing that swept me off my feet was the rare and unique items that you do not find elsewhere. Contrary to my usual style of writing individual reviews, I would be placing the photos and then write a collective review at the bottom.  Now, time to explore the food.

All The Dishes Cleared
What can I say, every dish was just excellent. We ate to the point of suffocation. Every single dish was lovely. Some of the notable dishes worth mentioning here were the Custard Balls, Black Pepper Siu Mai, Cheese Baked Clams, Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun, Fried Chicken Wings, Char Siew Pau and the Prawn Fritters. I would strongly recommend this place and lucky me that it is so close to my house. From now on this place would surely be my favourite Dim Sum joint. Sorry to Mee Bon, you just lost out.

For the number of dishes we had, I feel the price is quite cheap and reasonable.

Location Map

Opening Hours

Contact Information
If you love Dim Sum, do make a note to visit this place sometime. You would surely be amazed by the food.

Address: 32, Jalan Public, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh,
                47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: +603 6156 1682 & +6019 225 4640

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1400 & 1900 - 0000 (Closed every Tuesdays)


  1. I was there nearly 15 years ago and the dim sum were excellent. Glad that it's still open and as good as ever.

    1. Hie Hendra...this place is one of my favourite places to get my Dim Sum fix and I never knew that it had been in existence that long....glad that you had a good meal there too and thanks for taking the time to go through my blog.