Thursday, 14 March 2013

Restoran Busy Corner @ Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

As always, my choice of restaurants are mostly by chance. I would have a meeting in that locality and would come upon a restaurant there and then it is for me to discover it. This trip however, it was all about me heading back to a restaurant that I have dined before. I was in Damansara Jaya for a meeting and having brought another friend with me who had never tasted this food, I decided to head here again and this time perhaps adding on some more dishes that I could not try the last time.

Restaurant Busy Corner at Damansara Jaya

This restaurant is located along the same row as Petronas in Damansara Jaya and it is not difficult to miss.

Simple Layout

Menu and prices

The Cutlery

Unlike the previous time, I did not have much difficulty ordering the dishes as I was already familiar with their offerings.  Contrary to my last visit which was a Sunday night, this restaurant was pretty free and not many tables were occupied. There is no menu cards here and you would have to look at the hung up menu and place your orders. Service as always, was pretty efficient.

Chrysenthimum Tea @ RM 1.50
Shortly thereafter, our drinks arrived. I liked the drink. It was pure and definitely homemade. Mildly sweetened too. Definitely something that I would recommend here. I would rate this drink 9/10 .

Claypot Chicken Rice @ RM 7.50
This dish is one of my favourites and so I would be very stringent when rating this. Overall, it was good but not the best. The best one I ever tried was the one in Kampar, Perak. Second to that would be the one in Pavillion Mall's food court and this would fit well at third place. The portion was also pretty decent and this small size was enough for both of us. The chicken was also lavish but a little less on the salted fish which gives the extra kick. It ranks close to the one in Pavillion but very far to the one in Kampar, must be the fresh egg that is missing. Generally, I would rate this dish 8.9/10 .

Vegetables @ RM 5.00
This dish was wonderful. For RM 5.00, it was surely worth it. The vegetable was extremely fresh and portion was extremely good for the price. The sauce was also just about the right amount. I definitely fell in love with this dish, though simple that it may be. I would rate this 9.8/10 .

Claypot Prawn Rice @ RM 13.00

Claypot Prawn Rice after being mixed up
The Claypot Prawn Rice was fantastic. I would rate this 9.8/10 . It was near perfection. I have never tasted any better anywhere else. This compared to the Claypot Chicken was like comparing heaven and hell. It was absolutely delicious, spicy and with lavish amounts of prawns as you can see. A highly recommended dish here.

Overall this is a good place to have your meal. Some of the downfalls that they may need to work on would be the cleanliness and customer service which could be a little off during peak hours. Otherwise, this place is good if your looking for a decent Claypot Chicken Rice and Claypot Prawn Rice fix. For the two of us, the bill came to a mere RM 27.00 which is cheap for a good meal in Kuala Lumpur. 

Address: 83, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 
                47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1100 - 1430 & 1700 - 2130 Daily

Telephone: +603 7729 0116

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