Friday, 8 March 2013

Peach Garden Noodle House @ Changi Airport, Singapore

I just landed at Changi International Airport Terminal 1 and it was already late evening. I was starving throughout the journey from Sumatra and with the connecting flights, it made it worse. Furthermore, I was to meet up with another friend of mine who was flying in from Australia. Luckily, his flight landed on time and we met up as planned. Mutually we agreed to have dinner at the airport terminal instead of checking in to the hotel and then going into the city for dinner. As we were walking around looking for a good place to eat, we spotted this restaurant called Peach Garden Noodle House on the Mezzanine Floor.

Peach Garden Noodle House at Changi Airport
The restaurant is located just opposite Killeney Kopitiam on the Mezzanine Floor, quite close to the escalator. The restaurant was quite packed when we arrived and from observing other tables, the food did look good.

Kitchen Clearly Visible

Nice Seating Area
The seating area was definitely spacious, cosy and comfortable. All the staffs were very busy and the captain, a senior gentleman was personally attending to customers, explaining the dishes and taking the orders. I also liked the idea that they had separated the kitchen with just a glass panel thus making it completely visible from where we were. Within a short while, we were attended to by the captain and he passed us the menu for us to go through.

The Menu
The menu was very elaborate. It had a great variety of Chinese dishes. It took us a while to decide on the dishes and when we were ready, we placed our orders with the captain.

Coke @ SGD 4.00

The Cutlery
Within minutes, my drink and the cutlery arrived. I think for an airport, 4 Dollars for a Coke is quite cheap.

Noodles with Chicken in Hot & Sour Soup @ SGD 9.80

Noodles with Chicken in Hot & Sour Soup @ SGD 9.80
My dish was the first to arrive. It came in a designer plate that looked like a giant spoon and it was funny. The actual spoon was a ladle like and honestly it made it even more difficult to handle it. But the food itself was very nice. The soup was very spicy and sour. Must be some vinegar in it. A delicious dish though and as it was hot and spicy, I was perspiring all the way. I would rate this dish at 9/10 . Surely recommended.

Wasabi Prawn @ SGD 20.00
 This dish was pretty unique in conception but failed to deliver the essence. It was Fried Prawn Balls with a layer of Wasabi around it. As unique as it was, it did not taste as good. It was pretty average and expensive for SGD 20.00 .Although my friend is a fan of Wasabi, he too did not quite like this dish and we just left most of it anyway. I would only rate this dish 5/10 . Could have been much better.

Rice with Lobster Meat @ SGD 19.80
Another interesting dish. Beneath the soup is plain white rice. I initially thought this was a noodle dish. The only setback was that all the meat had been dissolved into the broth which made chewing the lobster a little less interesting. Perhaps it was deliberately made to be such. The broth was very good, not spicy and light and went well with the rice. An interesting combination that I have not seen anywhere else. I would rate this dish 8.5/10 . Another good dish here.

On the whole, this is definitely a good place to have a meal. The total bill came to SGD 67.56 including taxes. From my observation at their menu, they have more than 40 dishes to offer and the above is just three of them. A highly recommended outlet!!!

Address: #031-001, Mezzanine Level, Departure / Transit Lounge,
                Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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