Saturday, 27 July 2013

Caffe Ritazza @ Changi International Airport, Singapore

Having had an early flight in to Singapore with meetings ahead for the rest of the day, I had no choice but to have breakfast at the airport. I had already exited the Immigration Counters and went over to the Departure Hall in Terminal 1 as I know that they have a number of good places to have breakfast there. There were a few choices and I choose this place called Caffe Ritazza.

Caffe Ritazza @ Terminal 1

Interior of the Cafe
It was a beautifully designed cafe with ample seating spaces and at this time of the day, they were quite empty although I would have expected quite a number of people having breakfast there. They were manned by some young Singaporean guys who were very friendly and working speedily. 

Coffee Promotion

Food on display

Food on display

Food on display

Food on display

Breakfast set promotion
Ordering here is quite simple. All the items are clearly stacked on the glass counters and you would just have to choose based on your preference. You also have an option of having them cold or hot. That was when I was introduced to the breakfast set which seemed like a good value for money deal. Starting from SGD 9.50, you get a main dish plus orange juice and coffee or tea. I was not in the mood for a very heavy breakfast and thus went for the Pork Bacon and English Muffin Set which costs SGD 9.50 .A full breakfast for less than ten dollars in the airport is definitely a good deal. I then finalised my order, paid and went on to my chosen table and the food would be sent over when ready.

Orange Juice
The food was sent in about ten minutes. I went for the Orange Juice first. It was served cold and nice and the juice was really concentrated and pure. Definitely a undiluted high quality juicy. I would rate this drink at 10/10 .

Coffee and Fresh Milk

My Coffee
I like the way they serve coffee. It comes black with cold fresh milk, just the way I would prefer and I am able to fix it according to my preference. They definitely use good coffee beans and it has been brewed well. Again, a 10/10 for this. 

Pork Bacon with English Muffin

The Muffin Exposed was heavenly. There was a really long streak of Pork Bacon, loaded with eggs and cheese and a muffin done perfect. Stacked together, they were heavenly and every bite brought about a whole load of different tastes in the palate and it was all good. Or perhaps I should say that it was too good. I would again rate this at a 10/10 . 

Overall, I have just discovered my favourite breakfast place in Changi Airport. I am sure that I would not miss this place in future and would love to try their other dishes as their menu changes depending on the time of the day. These guys are definitely doing a great job with the food and by keeping their prices decently low, I am sure they would attract a great crowd and a fan group.

Address: #021 - 034B, Departure Hall, Changi International Airport,
                80 Airport Boulevard, 819642 Singapore.

Telephone: +65 6546 4605

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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