Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Great Food Town @ Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei, Taiwan

Here I am, just landed in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at 3.00 pm and I am so hungry. I know that it is quite a journey back to the hotel and as such, I decided to find a good place in the airport to have my lunch. This is my first time at this airport and I am not familiar with the facilities. Having checked out of immigration in Terminal 2, I came across this place called Great Food Town which seemed like a good place to get some decent meals. 

Entrance to Great Food Town

Tenants Occupying The Space

Limited Seating Capacity

Counter of the outlet I choose

Counter of the outlet I choose
The Great Food Town holds a total number of three different stalls, a bakery, cafe and a Taiwanese Food Stall. They all share a rather small and limited dining area. As I was really hungry, I wanted a heavy dish and resorted to the Taiwanese Food Stall. I do not know the name as it was all in Chinese and all I could think of was to get my food sorted. The place seemed very clean and all the workers wore gloves and other protective items to keep up with the hygiene requirements. That is surely an upside for them. This particular outlet had their mock food on display and they seemed very nice and authentic. 

The Menu On Display

The Set Menu
Most of their set menu was priced at NT$ 120 per set which works around USD 4.00 per set. I choose the set 10 which comes with some White Rice and Gravy on top, Quick Boiled Vegetables and Mushroom Pork Thick Soup. Let's hope that it all turns out well. Understanding that I had no idea what to order, the waitress was very patient with me and she assisted me with the orders asking me if there is any meat that I do not consume, my preferences in taste i.e. do I like spicy etc and I must congratulate her efforts. I definitely made my ordering process much smoother. 

Bamboo Chop Sticks Clean Packed

Rice with some Pickled Meat
As part of the set, I received the above Rice which comes topped with some pickled meat. The gravy was thick and slightly on the salty side but it blended very well with the white rice. The rice portion too was more than sufficient. Taste wise, this would score 9/10 . I would have been satisfied if I had just this only too. 

Mushroom & Pork Thick Soup

Mushroom & Pork Thick Soup
This soup was lovely. As you can see from the brim of the bowl, there was a whole load of black pepper added to this dish and that made it quite spicy. There was a reasonable amount or Pork and Mushrooms in it and this soup was really thick. I also believe that they may have added some vinegar to it.Somehow, it left a very sticky lip aftertaste. Must have been the starch floor. As a final verdict, I must say that I really enjoyed this soup and would rate it at 9/10 .

Quick Boiled Vegetable
This was another side dish. It was very much boiled vegetables which were topped with the same meat pickles that were added to the earlier rice, only the added portion was much smaller. There was also some thick Soy Sauce found at the base. The vegetables were fresh and crisp which added a sweetness to the greens. I would rate this dish at 8/10 .

My Lunch @ NT$ 120
On the whole, I believe that I had made the right decision by trying this place out and also in allowing the waitress in assisting me with my orders. She had definitely suggested something that I liked and I thank her again. I never imagined that I would be getting this kind of food in an airport as opposed to the usual Mc Donalds and fast food chains or some of the sub standard so called local delicacies. I definitely would vouch for this place and recommend it to fellow traveler's stopping by at this airport. 

Address: Ground Floor, Terminal Two, Arrival Hall, 
                Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE),
                No. 9, Hangchin Road, Dayuan Township,
                Taoyuan County, Taiwan 337.

Opening Hours: All Day

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