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Restaurant d' Tandoor @ Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Having not patronised this outlet in ages, I recently returned to this place about a month ago and being hooked to their food, I returned here again today and this time with my entire family. This place offers great food but at very steep prices. Yet, as food lovers, we are willing to pay the premium for good food and it is not surprising that this place is frequented by celebrities and political premiers too. To read my previous entry on this place, please click on this link:

Restaurant d' Tandoor in Damansara Utama

Their Menu
This restaurant offers predominantly various variety of food from the Indian sub-continent. They specialise in Mughal, North Indian, Pakistani and South Indian dishes. 

Table Decoration

Interior of the restaurant

Interior of the Restaurant

Us at the Restaurant

Us at the Restaurant
The service level is always excellent here. All their waiters have been with this restaurant for at least 10 years. Their attention is always swift. We were relatively early here tonight and that is why the restaurant seems quite empty. As time went on, by 9 pm, the restaurant was packed and people were literally queuing outside the restaurant for at least 30 to 45 minutes to get a table. Some even had to share tables with others. Must be the weekend. Even when the crowd was packed, all their staffs were handling the crowd very effectively.  

Papadam & Mint Chutney on the house
While waiting for the food to be delivered, we were served the above Papadam with Mint Chutney and this was on the house. A point worth mentioning here is that all their food is cooked upon order and this includes their deserts and cakes as well and hence some waiting time can be expected. They even have some specialty dishes, like the Biryani that I had the last time, may take up to three hours of cooking time and in those cases, it is best to call before hand and place your orders so that the waiting time is kept minimal. For us today, we had to wait around 40 minutes for the dishes to arrive. 

Plain Naan (Right) @ RM 4.50 & Garlic Naan (Left) @ RM 6.90
We ordered a whole load of Garlic and Plain Naans and I think we topped the above basket up at least three more times. The Plain Naan is charged at RM 4.50 each and the Garlic Naan at RM 6.90 each. The Naan's were really good, soft and tasty. I would rate the Plain Naan at 8.5/10 and the Garlic Naan at 9.5/10 . Although they were a bit pricey, they were still worth the price. End of the day, I think the bill for Naan's alone came to RM 60.00 +. That's a lot some may feel but there were five of us and when you multiply by the cost of a Naan, it is nothing much. 

Masala Pomfret Fish @ RM 45.50
This dish was super duper good. We literally cleaned the gravy off the plate. It is a single Pomfret Fish that has been perfectly fried with spices and comes with a heavenly gravy and is served on a hot plate. Although the price of RM 45.50 may seem expensive, once you try it, you would know that it is absolutely worth it. A fantastic dish and I would rate this dish at a perfect 10/10 .

Lamb Madrasi @ RM 25.90
The next dish that we ordered is a dish called Lamb Madrasi. It is typically Tamil style Lamb Curry. This dish is priced at RM 25.90 which is again on the high side for the small amount but they never failed to impress me with the taste. Do note that this preparation is extremely spicy and comes with loads of black pepper in it. The gravy was thick and goes very well as a side dish or even just like that with some Naan. The only setback was that there were merely 5 pieces of lamb in it and we are talking about really small chunks. The chunk size is smaller than the nail on my thumb. Although it is not clearly identifiable from the photo, this dish was just slightly larger than my palm size. Still, this dish was really delicious and I would rate it 9.5/10 .

Prawn Madrasi @ RM 29.90
This dish is the same as the above dish except that this has prawns in it but the base curry is exactly the same. I literally counted the number of prawns in this dish and altogether there were 4 pieces of small prawns. As there were 5 of us, I had to pass. The taste, was great and I don't have to repeat it as the gravy was the exact same as the previous dish. I would rate this dish at 9/10 . The half point down rating is because I did not get a prawn and my only recommendation would be to increase the number of prawns in the dish. Even a few would extra would not cost you much more as the dish is charged at a premium price. 

Dinner in Progress

Bru Coffee @ RM 6.50
Just as with any other Indian restaurant, it is almost customary that the meal must be ended with a cup of good coffee or tea and we choose to have Bru Coffee. I would say that their coffee was good and decently priced. I would rate this at 8.5/10 . 

Gulab Jamun @ RM 8.90
Their Gulab Jamun's were just made before they were served and they were still hot. Taste wise, it was extremely delicious and I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

Overall, this is a great family restaurant. The ambiance is excellent to have family dinners and they too have a huge dining hall upstairs which could be used for private functions. Though their price is on the high side, the food is surely delicious and addictive. Do check out their menu through their website which is stated below and discover their food offerings.But do note that the price shown on their website is the old price and this has been revised or shall I say increased. Some unique dishes are listed there as their specialty and some even require confirmation a day before for preparation. Definitely a must visit restaurant if you love Mughal food. 

Address: 52 Ground Floor, Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama,
                  47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 7728 2020 & +6012 644 4970

Opening Hours: Sun - Thurs 1100 - 1500 & 1830 - 2230
                               Fri & Sat    1100 - 1500 & 1830 - 2300


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