Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Todays dinner was Dim Sum for us and that too from a renowned Dim Sum place called Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum which is located in Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. There has been some mention of this place in a number of both online and print media and it is said that this place does serve some good Dim Sum. Even before heading here, I had expected the price to be on the high side but if the quality is good, obviously we won't mind paying the premium. Coming here with an open mind, I would compare the food here based on my usual Dim Sum places which are just common restaurants specialising in this dish. 

Imperial Pot Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Solaris Dutamas

Beautiful Interior

Very Well Organised

The Cutlery
We were here around 6.30 pm today and we left around 8.30 pm and we were the only customers. I believe that is because of the fact that today is a weekday. The restaurant is located in Block A1 and at the UG level facing the main road. The restaurant is managed by a Mr. Loh and he was a very friendly chap. A waiter was allocated to our table and he was serving us and attending to our needs at all time, being at close proximity throughout the time we were here tonight. That's great service. The cooks were all based in the kitchen and as the kitchen was clearly visible as it was separated by a glass panel, there were at least 7 of them. I am quite sure that they would not be able to sustain this kind of staffing if the response was not good. It is just a matter of luck that we were the only patrons here tonight. Once we took our seat, we were passed a menu which we would have to tick and fill to place our orders, It seems that all the dishes here are made to order and again thats another plus for this place. The restaurant too was beautifully decorated and it was really clean, as one would expect of a high end Dim Sum restaurant. Once we filled out our sheet, we then passed it to the waiter and then the chefs got to work. 

Jasmine Tea @ RM 10.00
We went for a pot of Jasmine Tea. They had a long variety of teas and we decided on the above. Being priced at RM 10.00 per pot seemed justifiable for this place. The tea was also reasonably good. I would rate the above at 8.5/10 . 

Plain Double Boiled Porridge @ RM 4.80
They served a number of varieties of porridge but we preferred the plain one for tonight. As we would be adding on side dishes and Dim Sum, we reckoned that this would suffice. Though being plain without any additions, this porridge was really nice. We did not have to add any more soy sauce or other additives as it was perfect. This dish is good for two huge bowls and it was sufficient for the both of us. I definitely would say that this was nice and my rating for this porridge would be 9.7/10 . I just wonder, if the plain porridge was this good, the others would surely have been better. Would definitely try the others next time here. 

Imperial Honey Glazed Char Siew @ RM 8.80
This was a rather disappointing dish for two reasons. Firstly, for RM 8.80, having been served six tiny slices of Char Siew is just not acceptable and no argument can justify this. Secondly, the taste was really bad. In fact, it was sub standard. You can get much better Char Siew from the local Chicken Rice vendor in your neighbourhood restaurant. I would only rate this dish at 2/10 . A total disappointment. 

Unagi Puffs in BBQ Sauce @ RM 12.80
Well, this is a fusion dish which incorporates Japanese and Chinese food in a single dish. This dumpling is baked. Though I love Japanese food, I am not a fan of Unagi (Eel) but here, I liked this dish. The Unagi was really sweet and it went very well with the puffs. I would strongly recommend this dish and it is surely a signature dish here. My ratings, a neat 9.5/10 .

Pan Fried Lotus Root @ RM 10.80
This was another very good preparation and it went very well with the porridge. It is typically Pan Fried Lotus Root that has been simmered with Soy Sauce. Perfectly done and I have no comments on this dish except to recommend it. My rating for this shall be 9.5/10 .

Tea Pot Soup with Yok Chok Chicken @ RM 8.80

Removed the cap and a closer look at the ingredients
This in itself would have been a great soup / drink and if you are ordering this, you do not have to order another drink. It comes with cute little cups that keeps you company till the end of your meal. They offer this in a number of varieties and we went for the basic one. This soup was heavenly and healthy. A number of items that I could identify by lifting the cap were Chicken Bones, Plum, loads of Ginger and other unidentifiable Herbs. Both of us loved this soup and I would strongly recommend this. It was mere perfection and my rating for this would be a perfect 10/10 . 

Pork Dumpling Siew Mai with Fish Roe @ RM 6.80
There was nothing great about this dish and it was just equal to or slightly less than the common restaurants out there. Though the Pork and Prawns in this dish were rather fresh, the taste was just mediocre. I would only rate this at 6/10 . Nothing great about this for the premium price paid.

Oinky Custard Bun @ RM 5.80
These were definitely cute. The size were bigger than the usual custard buns found out there. Nevertheless, taste wise they were just above average. The custard filling was more solid instead of it being fluid. Must have been a frozen item that was just reheated before it was delivered to us. I would rate these at 5/10 and no more than that. 

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 7.80
This dish was nice but surely it was not the best that I had had. They had it in a number of varieties like Prawns etc. but I choose the Char Siew variety. I would only rate this at 8.8/10 . It is good yeah, but as I said earlier, not the best that I have tried. 

Enoki Mushroom with Pork Bacon @ RM 8.80
Though being on the pricey side, for the taste I would not mind paying for this. I truly liked this dish. The Bacon was really good and the Enoki Mushrooms and Pork added great flavour to this dish. I would recommend this dish. My rating for this would be 9.5/10 . Recommended dish!!!

Secret Fishball Dish @ RM 4.80
Well, I found this to be not too good. My reasons are as follows. Firstly, it was really soft and that is good. It means there was no Boric Acid present. But, it smelled fishy and was not comfortable on the palate. That could mean that it was either old stock or the choice of fish was not really good. Whichever it was, a little bit of ginger would have done the trick and the so called Secret Fish Ball recipe was no great secret after all. Would I try this dish here again, I doubt so. I would only rate this dish at 3/10 .

BBQ Pork Dumplings @ RM 6.80
This was really nice though I found the name to be not relevant. It was not BBQ but steamed dumplings in vinegar. Nevertheless, it was great and I would rate this at 7/10 .

Pork Dumpling in Spicy Soup @ RM 5.80
This was another good dish though I would strongly disagree that the soup was spicy. Nevertheless, the dumpling was really delicious.I would rate the dumpling at 9.8/10 . Worth trying this dish here. 

Tau Foo Fah @ RM 4.80 Each
This was fresh and nice. It is provided unsweetened and one would have to sweeten it to preference. Although it is the freshest one that I have tried in Kuala Lumpur, it was definitely not the most freshest one that I have tried. Those days in my hometown, we used to have the peddler cycling and selling this Tau Foo Fah and that used to be better but it has been ages that I have found something similar. I think they deserve to be commended for this dish and I would rate this dish at 9.5/10 . Definitely worth trying here if you love Soya. 

Wan Tan Mee @ RM 8.80
This was a rather disappointing dish. I think my neighbourhood coffee shop can serve better Wan Tan Mee. The noodles here was hard and did not absorb the Soy Sauce as it should have. We only ate this dish because we were hungry. I would rate this dish at 3.5/10 .  

Loh Mai Kai @ RM 6.80
This reminds me of the Loh Mai Kai that I had in Singapore a number of years before. This is by far the healthiest Loh Mai Kai that I have had in a long time. The amount of oil was really minimal and the dish tasted great. Only advise is that this dish is beyond Kai i.e. chicken . The dish was loaded with Lap Cheong which is the Taiwanese Pork Sausages and hence it contains Pork too. Nevertheless, the dish was really nice. I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

Opening Hours

Overall, this place has it's pro's and con's. From what I have tried today, it seems that the pro's overshadow the con's more. I know that taste is a matter of preference and can differ greatly between one another. Nevertheless, I would still vouch for this place and their dishes. Though their dishes had a fluctuating rate of confidence, their service was consistent and so was their efficiency. For that, I would recommend this place. It's generally a nice place but just be choosy in ordering what you really love to have as not all their dishes are up to the mark!!!

Address: Lot A1-UG1-03, Solaris Dutamas, No. 1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
                50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0930 - 1500 & 1730 - 2130 Daily

Telephone: +603 6412 6188


  1. This place has been closed down

    1. Thank you Keisha for your feedback. Appreciate it. :)