Friday, 19 July 2013

Lung Tu Ice Juice @ Huaxi Street Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan

Huaxi Street in Taipei is a famous night market. It is the second largest night market after Shihlin Night Market and it is located right beside the Longshan Temple, very much within the city centre. Ask anyone from Taipei and they would definitely be able to direct you to this place. Night markets are a famous concept in Taiwan. They usually start in the evening around 5 pm and then go on till past midnight. The streets would then be closed to traffic and these designated zones would be buzzing with pedestrians who would be walking through these streets getting their favourite food along the way. Just like the rest of the Taiwanese people, I too had the opportunity to visit this place this evening. When I was here, it was just 5 pm and that is why you do not see the crowd in the below photo. By 7 pm, the place would be packed. It was just unfortunate that it was raining this evening and we had to be walking with an umbrella while trying to take some good photographs which seemed somewhat like a great challenge to me. 

Huaxi Street in Taipei at 5 pm

Lung Tu Ice Juice Outlet along Huaxi Street

The Entrance to the Outlet
While walking along this street, I noticed that there were a number of stalls that were being set up, right from simple deserts to main meals. As it was still early, I was in the mood for a light snack instead of a main meal. Also, with the distance traveled today, I was somewhat dehydrated and seriously needed a drink.  That is when I stumbled upon this outlet selling fruit juices and fruit cocktail containing shaved ice. It seems that they were established in 1920. I immediately called upon my friend to try this place. 

My Friend Placing The Orders

Love the Colours of the Mangoes 
I was in the mood for some fruit juice and my friend was in the mood for some shaved ice. As a Mango lover, I asked him to see if they serve Mango Juice. Just look at their Mangoes, these are the red fruits right above the Orange and below the Papayas. It reminds me of the Indian Mangoes. He then placed the orders and then returned to the table. Everything happened so efficiently that you never realise the time that passes. 

My Mango Juice at NT$ 80

Ooooops...sorry...Ive already taken a big gulp
This was truly one of the best Mango juice that I have ever had in my life. The extract was really thick and honey sweet. It was evident that there were no artificial sweeteners used in this drink. It was all goodness and with every sip, you would want more and more of this. A must try item at this place. I would rate this drink at 10/10 . I am not sure where they are getting these Mangoes from but they surely taste as good as the Indian Mangoes. For NT$ 80 which works out to be around USD 2.50, it is way too good!

Mixed Fruits Shaved Ice @ NT$ 80
After trying the earlier drink, I wanted to try their specialty which is the Mixed Fruit Shaved Ice. This again was priced at the same NT$ 80. It came with shaved ice, chunks of Mangoes, Yam, Red Beans and Black Beans. Mixing them together and having them with the shaved ice was a heavenly treat. The juices from the various ingredients together with the ice made this a true pleasure. Great stuff again. I would rate this at 10/10 .

It is great to know that this outlet has been around since 1920 and after trying their offering today, it was evident to me how they stayed strong all these years. Quality is the key here and they have maintained it at very high standards consistently. A must try place when you are in the city or at this night market.

Address: Huaxi Street Night Market, Taipei City, Taiwan.

Opening Hours: 1400 - 0100 Daily

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