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Happy City Food Court @ Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

After having been vegetarians for a few days, we were yearning for some hawker fare. As a result, we decided to head over to Kepong to try out this food court which is located along Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 1, right opposite AEON Hypermarket. It's very easy to locate this place and being close to the main roads, it's clearly visible and is well lit up. Parking can be an issue but if you drive around this food court, you should somehow be able to find a bay.

Mostly Crowded

Row's Of Stalls on both sides

Easily around 60 stalls here
This place has been around for a few years now. This place is famous as you get more than 60 different stalls here selling a variety of food. You get Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Portuguese, Malay food and Western grilled items here. Definitely a variety that is not easily found under one roof. The place as I know it is mostly packed, especially on weekends where it may take a while for you to even get a table. We were lucky that we managed to get a table almost immediately. Having taken our seats, each of us did a long walk checking out the stalls before finally placing our orders. Ordering here is quite simple, just walk up to your desired stall, mention the table number and the dish that you would like to have, and then it is sent over to your table.

Prawn Mee Stall

Prawn Mee @ RM 6.00

Prawn Mee @ RM 6.00

They Add Prawns and Pork Slices Too

Chili Paste

The Prawn Mee was nice but not comparable to those Prawn Mee specialists. Though it had all the right ingredients as you can see from the above photograph, the broth surely had room for improvement. The number of ingredients is important but the key item, is the flavour of the soup which was lacking here. I would only rate this dish at 7/10 .

Stall Number 15

Popiah @ RM 2.00 per roll

The Popiah was nice too and once again, it had room for improvement. If only they had been a little more generous with the sauces, this would have surely been a hit. I would rate this at 7/10 .

Char Kuey Teow Stall

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 6.50

Char Kuey Teow @ RM 6.50
The Char Kuey Teow stall is located at the far end of the food court, quite close to the Satay stall. The portion and taste were both good. It also came with lots of bean sprouts, eggs, shrimps and cockles. The 'Wok Hei' as the Chinese would say, was surely there and that  boosted the taste. I would rate this at 9/10 .

Stall 10 - Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 5.00

This One Comes Stuffed With Char Siew
This stall sells the above Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun that comes stuffed with meat and they had both the shrimp variety as well as the one with Char Siew. We opted to try the latter and it was quite nice. It would have been better if they made their own Char Siew and clearly this was one that was purchased from those mass production places. Taste wise, I would rate this at 7/10 .

Stall 11 -  Selling Dim Sum and Bao's


Loh Mai Kai @ RM 3.70

Loh Mai Kai @ RM 3.70
This was clearly those factory produced ones and tasted quite average. Not like the one's that we get at those specialty Dim Sum places. The good thing about this was that it had very minimal oil but taste wise, it was very ordinary. Even the portion of chicken and lap cheong was merely a dressing. I would rate this at 6/10 .

Char Siew Bao @ RM 1.80

Meaty and Good
Another one that was from those factory produced frozen items but honestly, it was not bad. Though the bun was a little dry, the Char Siew was tasty. I would rate this at 7.5/10 .

Mutton Satay @ RM 1.10 per stick

Mutton Satay @ RM 1.10 per stick

Peanut Sauce

There is a Satay stall right at the corner where we were sitting and he had Chicken, Mutton and Beef Satay. We decided to go for the Mutton Satay. The Satay's were good, meaty and they were lean. The taste too was quite nice but not as good as perhaps Sate Kajang. For just a normal stall, it was quite surely nice. The peanut sauce was neither watery nor thick, it was just about the right texture and mildly spicey. I would rate this satay at 8/10 .

Fried Chicken @ RM 4.00 per piece

Lovely Taste!

The Fried Chicken Stall is located on the opposite end from the Satay stall. This stall specialises in fried chicken, fried chicken pop corns and fried chicken skin. The Fried Chicken was really nice, loved the batter and deep fried to a golden brown colour, just the way it should be. I would rate this at 9/10.

Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun

This Chee Cheong Fun stall is somewhere in the middle of the food court. This guy sells the above standard Chee Cheong Fun, Curry Chee Cheong Fun ad well as Yong Tau Fu items. He also has the flat and rolled variety to choose from. The Chee Cheong Fun was nice and indeed the items were fresh. Definitely a good preparation and I shall rate this at 8.5/10 .

Deep Fried Fish with Chili Paste @ RM 20.00

Deep Fried Fish with Chili Paste @ RM 20.00

This stall is a very large stall specialising in seafood items and is located right next to the satay stall. It is difficult to miss this stall and if I am not mistaken, this is the largest stall occupying three stall units. They have a range of seafood like fish, cuttlefish, cockles, clams, crabs, prawns, giant prawns, squid and many more. A variety of preparation is available and all the various dishes have been photographed and displayed at the stall for ordering convenience. We went for the above Talapia fish and requested him to prepare in the above method. Pricing is standard too. Small is RM 20.00 and Big is RM 24.00, quite reasonable I felt .The fish was wonderfully deep fried to the extent that even the head was crispy. The spicy sauce was a tad too spicy so just be cautious when ordering this style of cooking if you are not able to take very spicy food. I would rate this dish at 9/10 . 

This was definitely a very satisfying dinner and a huge change from the last few days. I would surely recommend this place as it has some good food, a huge variety to choose from, the prices are reasonable and the food court itself is quite clean. Good to go in large groups as you get to try more food items like the seafood which are ideal for sharing. 

Address: Jalan Metro Perdana Timur 1, Kepong Entrepreneurs Park, 
                Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1700 - 0200 Daily

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