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La Boulangerie @ Colmar Tropicalle, Pahang

Colmar Tropicalle, a French themed resort is located in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Owned by Berjaya Group, this place has been around for many years now. We first visited this place some 6 years ago, when it was just opened and decided on dropping by for some cool crisp weather this evening. It is just a 45 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur and is very much suitable for both day trips as well as short stays. 

Me At The Entrance To Colmar Village

View From The Parking Area

Grand Arch

Lovely Place

Built Just Like The One in France
Over the years, the place had not changed a bit. Paved streets built alike to the one in France with quaint little restaurants and hotel rooms on both sides, the place is a joy to visit all year round. It is just a short stretch and is perfect for those looking for a place to unwind. There are some activities outside this area which would excite children and they do provide shuttle services from this resort to those parks. All within 10 minutes of travel distance. Generally the weather here is cool come evenings but the rest of the day, it is quite hot. I think this is a seasonal one and it tends to be cooler towards end of the year. After walking around for a while, we wanted to have some light snacks. They have a number of restaurants to choose from. Most of them serve French food but there are one or two restaurants that have added a few Malaysian dishes. Perhaps this might be one that was done because of demand. Initially, I remember that it was all strictly French cuisine but perhaps, the reception from Malaysians had not been that great and hence this diversification. Having been in the mood for light snacks only, we decided on trying the French Bakery called La Boulangerie.

La Boulangerie.....The French Bakery

Entrance To The Bakery

Self Service Bakery

Only One Person Handling The Whole Crowd

Cakes To Choose From


Cakes & Sandwiches


Prices of Drinks

Making Payments
The selection was good and it covered a decent spread of buns, bread, cakes and sandwiches. This is a self service restaurant and we would have to pretty much do most of the carrying ourselves except for fixing the drinks which is done by the barista at the cashier who also handles the cash register as well as cleaning the tables once patrons have left. Prices are steep but this is one that we cannot complain as it is a self contained resort and would be a hassle to drive down all the way to Bentong or the nearest town for a meal. Since most people come here to relax, I doubt any one of them would head out for a meal. After all, it's just a brief stay for many. 

Outdoor Seating Area

Us At The Bakery

Lovely Weather Outdoors

It was a beautiful evening and the temperature was starting to drop and so we opted sitting outdoors instead of indoors. The view is just beautiful and it allows you to just drop all your worries and enjoy the atmosphere. Now, time to enjoy some French food!

Ice Lemon Tea @ RM 13.00

Drinking Water @ RM 4.50 per Bottle
My brother had the above Ice Lemon Tea and my Dad and I went for a bottle of Drinking Water each. As mentioned earlier, prices are steep here and that glass of Ice Lemon Tea was priced at RM 13.00 and a small bottle of Drinking Water at RM 4.50 . Well, can't complain much about the prices I guess. Coming back to that Ice Lemon Tea, it was good. I mean really good and makes me think that it was worth the price. I would rate that drink at 9/10 .

Bun Filled with Strawberry Jam and Topped with Cheese @ RM 7.50

Bun Filled with Strawberry Jam and Topped with Cheese @ RM 7.50
This Bun filled with Strawberry Jam and topped with Cheese was just amazing. The taste was so good and the ingredients were just melting in the mouth and the bun itself was so soft. Truly a delicious one that we all enjoyed. I would rate this at 10/10 , nothing less that that!

Bun Topped with Cheese and Pickled Vegetables @ RM 6.00

Bun Topped with Cheese and Pickled Vegetables @ RM 6.00
Once again, this did not fail to impress us. A simple bun that had been topped with cheese and some pickled greens but it tasted so good and I wonder how they make their buns so perfectly. It was just lovely and I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

French Baguette with Spicy Fish Toppings @ RM 7.00

French Baguette with Spicy Fish Toppings @ RM 7.00
This was just heavenly. A simple slice of French Baguette, topped with some spicy fish and baked to perfection. Amazing it was! I would rate this at 9.8/10 .

The Show Starts At 7.00 pm

Water Feature

Night View
It was just lovely sitting at the bakery and enjoying both the lovely view and the amazing food till late evening and it was simply the perfect detox that we needed from our day to day schedule. Come 7 pm daily, they also have some dance shows and there are repeats a few times daily. This time, it was a troupe from The Philippines. We had a good view of the stage from the bakery, and as such we did not bother to move from our seats and since the place was a little quiet at this hour, the management too did not mind us sitting there. In summary, I would highly recommend this Bakery. Good food and lovely ambiance. 

Address: La Boulangerie, Colmar Tropicalle, Berjaya Hills, KM 48, Persimpangan Bertingkat,
                Lebuh Raya Karak, 28750 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang.

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  1. Drinks are very pricey as KL prices. Shall check it though as it is hard to find good places when you are going through interstates.