Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kedai Makan Norliza @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Having been craving for Nasi Lemak since last night, I wanted to try the Nasi Lemak that came highly recommended at the old railway station this morning. I reached the destination but sadly the place was closed. Not too sure why they did not open this morning. In return, what I did was head to one of the famous places in Ulu Bernam (Nasi Lemak Tepi Kedai Salman) and packed some Nasi Lemak for my family and on my way back, stopped by another place called Kedai Makan Norliza to get some Nasi Lemak for myself. I have not tried the food here but looking at the crowd daily, the food must be quite good.

Entrance To The Stall

View From The Main Road
This stall is located on the Ulu Bernam side of town, in Kampung Jambatan and right beside the bridge over the Bernam River. The name is not visible unless you walk in as it is usually covered with some non relevant posters. Must be one of those thrown away posters why they have diligently used to shade themselves from the heat of the sun. Nevertheless, if you follow the directions carefully, you would not be able to miss this place. There is not much of a parking space available and one would have to just park by the side of the main road. Generally quite safe here during the day.

Lot's Of Lauk To Choose From
The place is simple but neat and tidy. The feel is like one of those little restaurants in Kampung areas. A few indoor tables and many more placed outside the restaurant, all of which are covered areas. The Kakak was quite busy as there were many who were doing takeaways. I initially wanted to dine in but looking at the lack of seats, I decided to just do takeaway instead. There were a variety of curries to choose from. If I am not mistaken, there were at least fifteen varieties to go with the Nasi Lemak. As I had already set my mind to go for the basic Nasi Lemak, I asked just for that. It was priced at RM 2.00, fairly decent I felt and once I paid, I continued my journey back home with a happy heart that my craving was going to be fulfilled.

Nasi Lemak @ RM 2.00

Yummy and So Inviting

Generous With The Sambal
For RM 2.00, the packet came with a generous portion of Rice, half a Boiled Egg, some cucumber slices and an enormous amount of Sambal. Presentation is obviously off as this was a take away. If I had dined there, then definitely the presentation would have been better and as such, it is unfair to speak about presentation here. 

Coconut Milk Rice
The Rice itself was very tasty. One that was cooked with coconut milk and spices, it was good and so aromatic. Not the best that I have tried in town but it was still good. I would rate their Rice at 8/10 .


A Fried Egg Too
Their Sambal was superb! One of those spicy versions in town. Not too spicy for me but I am sure that this would be considered spicy by many. Their Sambal was slightly sweet, slightly salty and very spicy and that combination was simply fantastic. The Fried Egg too was fried to perfection. I would rate her Sambal at 9/10 .

In summary, I would say that the Nasi Lemak from this stall was definitely impressive. Not the best in Tanjung Malim (of course taste differs from one to another) but surely one of those good ones. Definitely a place that I would recommend!

Address: Lot No. 30, Kampung Jambatan, Jalan Besar,
                35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1300

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