Friday, 2 October 2015

New Orleans Barbecue @ Genting Highlands, Pahang

After having spent some Ringgit in the casino, it was nearing our dinner time and we were already quite hungry. Having done Chinese for lunch and Pastries for Tea we thought of going for a different cuisine for dinner and that is how we landed at New Orleans Barbecue. This is an American Barbecue Restaurant and it located on the 2nd Floor of Maxims Hotel, directly adjacent to the Monte Carlo 777 Casino. Do note that this is a non Halal restaurant.The restaurant is quite hidden and it is best to ask around if you are not able to find this place. If you managed to located the toilets inside the Monte Carlo 777 Casino, then keep walking straight pass an arch and you should be able to sight this restaurant on your far left. This restaurant has been around for a number of years now, even when this hotel was known as Highlands Hotel and I have dined here in the past and found the food to be quite good. Having been convinced then, I brought my family over tonight. 

The Entrance To The Restaurant

Us Checking Out The Menu

Lovely Designed Restaurant

Very American Feel To The Place

Huge Dining Space
Before moving on, firstly I must apologise for the quality of the photographs. I was only using my mobile phone camera and thus the place may not seem as beautiful as it did to the naked eyes. The the food pictures below, I have had to use flash photography and as a result, it may not seem up to the mark but I hope that my narration helps. Coming back to this restaurant, even before entering the restaurant, we had checked on the menu at the entrance and found it satisfactory. I must say that the staffs here were doing a fabulous job. Being a fairly busy night, they were all on their heels running about and serving customers. It was lovely to look at and the Captain seemed to be doing his part amazingly well too. The set up was posh and had a very American feel to it. Huge dining area with many tables and they were all adequately spaced thus allowing customers to have their own private conversations without being heard by the table beside them. As we had confirmed our orders at the entrance itself, nobody disturbed us and we were left to be to ourselves. 

My Dad & Brother

A Snapshot Of Their Menu

Cutlery & Sauces
Their menu was a very lengthy one and having quickly glimpsed it at the entrance, I only managed to take a snapshot of the section of items which we ordered. Just to recap our orders, My Dad ordered some Fish & Chips, my Brother ordered a Grilled Chicken Chop and me, Grilled Pork Chop. All tables came with the necessary cutlery and sauces and an ashtray as the restaurant was a smoker friendly place. Since they serve Beer and other alcoholic beverages, it just makes sense for them to provide ashtrays as well. 

Tea @ RM 5.00

Coffee @ RM 5.00
Tea and Coffee were priced at RM 5.00 each. These two items including water is not served. One would be required to go up to the Coffee Bar and collect your own drinks. Refilling is allowed any number of times. That being so, I felt that it was quite a reasonable deal. Obviously being the youngest, my Brother was bullied to do the honours of getting our drinks. Do I sound like a bully? He he well once in a while it's fine right. Both the Coffee and Tea were decent. They also had milk and sugar for those who did not prefer black. I would rate the both of these drinks at 8/10 .

Cream Of Chicken Soup

Cream Of Chicken Soup
By the time we fixed our drinks, the soups arrived. This is part of any grilled set in this restaurant and is provided complimentary. We were not able to select the kind of soup as it was the run of the day and today it was this Cream of Chicken Soup. The soup was good, not excellent but surely a good one. All of us enjoyed it and we were glad that it was served piping hot which was just perfect for the cool weather. Taste wise, I would rate this at 8/10 .

Deep Fried Fish & Chips @ RM 24.00

Deep Fried Fish & Chips @ RM 24.00

Green Peas, Carrots and Corn

French Fries

Tartar Dip Sauce
The price quoted in this entire blog is the member's price which I think comes with a 10% or 15% discount from the list price. This Deep Fried Fish & Chips set was priced at RM 24.00 and I felt that it was very reasonable. Even in Kuala Lumpur, assuming that it's a very ordinary restaurant, the same dish would be priced between RM 12 to RM 15 and for Genting Highlands, this is indeed very reasonable. Portion was good too. The plate was huge and as such, the cuts seem small. Besides the deep Fried Fish, they also provided with some mixed vegetables and French Fries on the sides. Of course the standard Tartar Sauce was also there. I would say that the preparation was good. The fish was perfect and coated in a tasty batter and the Tartar Sauce too tasted just perfect. It would have been better if the mixed vegetables were sauteed with butter, nevertheless they were still nice. I would rate this dish at 8.5/10 .

Grilled Chicken Chop @ RM 21.00

A Huge Chicken Thigh

Lovely Barbecue Sauce

Potato Wedges and Mixed Vegetables
This Grilled Chicken Chop Set was priced at RM 21.00 and it came with a huge piece of Chicken Thigh, some Barbecue Sauce along with some Potato Wedges and Mixed Vegetables on the sides. One has a choice of the kind of sauce that you would like and my brother chose Barbecue Sauce. If it was me, I would have gone with the Black Pepper Sauce but it's his meal anyway and since he preferred this, that be it.The Chicken Chop was perfectly grilled to a golden brown colour and the meat was so tender and tasty. The Marination used was lovely indeed. The Barbecue Sauce was a good preparation too and it accompanied the mains well. Overall, a good dish. I would rate this at 8.5/10 .

Grilled Pork Chop @ RM 21.00

Two Huge Cuts
Their Grilled Pork Chop came with two huge cuts, topped with my preferred Plum Sauce and with some Mixed Vegetable and Potato Wedges on the sides and this was priced very reasonably at RM 21.00 . I did taste all three dishes to be able to review and from what I tasted, this Pork Chop stands out as the winner. It was just amazing. The meat was lovely, grilled just right and yet, it was firm and juicy. And the Plum Sauce complemented the meat so well. The Wedges were lovely too. I would rate this at 9.3/10 .

On the whole, it was a lovely dining experience for us and all of us enjoyed the evening. What a way to end the day. Amazing staffs, lovely food, extremely reasonable prices, awesome ambiance, what more can one ask for in a restaurant. Simply perfect and I would highly recommend this restaurant to all!

Address: Level 2, Maxims Hotel (Opposite Monte Carlo 777 Casino),
                69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: Sun - Fri 1100 - 0000 
                             Sat & Eve of Public Holidays 1100 - 0200

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